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 The Egyptian Wolf

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The Egyptian Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Egyptian Wolf   The Egyptian Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 23:01

Name: Egyptian

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Brown, gold, and red tinged, with a black stripe running along its spine, and a black-tipped tail. Their paws are usually dark reddish-brown or black, and their chests are a light tan or white.

Height: Unknown, though thought to be around 16-20 inches, shoulder height.

Basic History: These wolves were worshiped by the Egyptians, who thought they were their gods in animal form. However, the wolves were solitary and usually refused to approach their human worshipers. Later, the roman soldiers hunted these animals, killing most of them off. Now, hardly any are seen, and much about their kind is in question.

Habitat:Deserts and hot coastal regions.

Quick Facts: Not much is known about these wolves, although their litter size is often thought to be from around 2-7 pups

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The Egyptian Wolf
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