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 The Maned Wolf

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The Maned Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Maned Wolf   The Maned Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:47

Name: Maned

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Reddish-brown, with dark brown or black legs. The tip of their tails, and beneath their jaws are white. Usually, they have brown or black ears.

Height: Three ft. at the shoulder.

Basic History: Not many legends speak of these wolves, for they were often mistaken for foxes and other animals. They left humans alone and weren't often seen except farther out into the wilderness, where humans of old times hardly ever visited for fear of being attacked by more savage wild animals. As humans began moving into their territory, the maned wolves began migrating as well, into other areas, so as not to be disturbed. Until more recent times in human history, they were thought to be some form of fox. Indeed, they were found to be neither true wolf, nor true fox, instead being something all their own.

Habitat:The maned wolf inhabits open forest, savanna, and marshland.

Quick Facts: Maned wolves rotate their large ears to listen for prey animals in the grass. They tap the ground with a front foot to flush out the prey and pounce to catch it.

Maned wolves are mostly solitary creatures, and though a male and female will live in the same area, they'll usually only meet during the breeding season, when the female is in heat.

Finally, unlike most wolves, the maned wolves are omnivores, and will eat rodents, small game, greens, and vegetables.

Link to more info: None

Picture: The Maned Wolf Chrysocyonbrachyurus
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The Maned Wolf
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