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 The Red Wolf

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PostSubject: The Red Wolf   The Red Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 22:19

Name: Red

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Predominantly red, with black along the cheek, around the lips, eyes, the top of the neck, along the back, and the top of the tail, on the outer legs, and outer edge of their ears, as well as on the shoulders. They have a white belly, and the bottom of their tails, the inner legs, the chest and throat are all white as well. The tip of the tail is white too, and all else is red, or reddish-brown.

Height: About 26 inches at shoulders.

Basic History: These wolves, with the grey, the arctic, and others, were respected and feared by the Native Americans. However, like the others, the red wolves were hunted by pioneers, and their distinctive fur was sold on the market, while their left ear was turned in for the money reward. Only a few survived this purge, and many of them were captured and bred in captivity by the humans who had been so eager to see them gone. Those that weren't caught retreated deep into their lands, running and hiding from the men they had once been able to ignore.

Habitat:In coastal prairies and marshes, as well as, on occasion, warmer forest regions.

Quick Facts: Males and females mate for life, unlike some other wolves. They have litters usually consisting of two to three pups, though they may have as few as one, or as many as five.

Link to more info:

Picture: The Red Wolf Red-wolf
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The Red Wolf
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