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 The Ethiopian Wolf

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The Ethiopian Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Ethiopian Wolf   The Ethiopian Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:44

Name: Ethiopian

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Reddish-brown, with white chest, throat, on the ear, on the inner leg, belly, and along the bottom part of the tail.

Height: 20-30 in. Shoulder height

Basic History: Not much has been revealed about these wolves. At least, not to humans. They played no major role in human mythology, and, for the most part, were left alone till more recent times, when their hunting grounds were turned into farms by the humans, pushing the wolves higher up their native mountains. No longer could the wolves travel farther down the slopes in safety, or hunt in the foothills below. This began to tell on their kind as they started dying off. Now, there are few of them, and they're very far between.

Habitat:Valleys and mountains are more to their liking, though they can stand desert environments.

Quick Facts: These wolves travel in pack of three to thirteen wolves. They hunt mole rats and normal rats.

Link to more info:

Picture: The Ethiopian Wolf EthiopianWolf
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The Ethiopian Wolf
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