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 The Grey Wolf

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PostSubject: The Grey Wolf   The Grey Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:45

Name: Grey

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Grey, black, and white. Black along the back and outer leg, along the tail, and elsewhere, scattered about. White underbelly, along the jaw, throat, shoulders, flanks, chest, and the bottom of the tail. Grey along the sides, head, and neck, top of the tail, and muzzle; usually the predominant coloring. Scattered throughout the other areas in small patches and throughout the other colors. However, tan grey wolves, pure grey, pure white, and pure blacks have been seen and are becoming more and more common.

Height: 26-38 in. Shoulder height.

Basic History: Considered by humans to be the 'main' species of wolf, and among only four types to be considered by humans to be 'true' wolves. They used to be found everywhere, and no wonder. These wolves can survive both cold and moderately hot conditions, though their favored areas don't include the warmer regions. Thanks to humans though, grey wolves were forced back into more mountainous regions, and were hunted for their furs, as well as because they were forced to attack livestock to survive. They aren't the shyest or most reserved wolves, and will often venture far away from their 'safe' zones to find more food, and another member for their pack.

Habitat:Valleys, forests, and mountains are their favorite locations, but they can survive and adapt to coastal regions and deserts, as well as to colder areas.

Quick Facts: They hunt in packs, usually with four to six wolves, but often with more, up to fifteen others. They hate coyotes and will run them off or kill them if they get the chance.

Link to more info: None

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The Grey Wolf
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