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 The Eurasian Wolf

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The Eurasian Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Eurasian Wolf   The Eurasian Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:35

Name: Eurasian

Species: Wolves Only

Colours: The summer fur is a mix of ocherous and rusty ocherous tones with light grey. The guard hairs are black, and black forms a spine of ebony along the back. White covers the flanks, outer portions of the legs, as well as the fur around the lips and covering the lower cheeks.

Height: 0.8–0.85 m, shoulder height

Basic History: The Eurasian wolf was practically wiped out by hunters in earlier years thanks to humans. However, they managed to survive, travelling to areas where humans seldom went. Still, others were forced to live in the shadow of human cities, stealing garbage and other refuse for food. They still hunted for moose, red deer, roe deer and wild boar in areas that humans left alone, or hunted in themselves. These wolves are used to avoiding humans, and prefer to be left alone. They don't have much contact with other species, though when they do, they're more than likely going to chase them off. Food for them is usually scarce, and they're very protective of what they have left.

Habitat:Mountainous regions, preferably scarcely populated. However, should they have to, they'll go to more populated areas, and keep very much to themselves.

Quick Facts: Unlike North American wolf hunts which were partaken by ordinary civilians, Eurasian wolf hunts were an activity usually reserved for the nobility. In Scotland, Mary, Queen of Scots hunted wolves in the forest of Atholl in 1563, while in Czarist Russia, before the Emancipation reform of 1861, wolf hunting was done solely by authorized firearm holders, usually police, soldiers, rich landowners or nobles. A notable exception was Sweden, where the Swedish kings Magnus Eriksson and Christopher of Bavaria decreed wolf hunting a civic duty, with only priests, parish clerks and landless women exempted. Under penalty of a fine, every wolf hunter had to own a wolf net at least four fathoms long and to take part in general wolf hunts whenever called upon.(Thank you, Wiki.)

Link to more info: As well as external links at the bottom. Very, very useful.

Picture: The Eurasian Wolf Eurasian_Wolf
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The Eurasian Wolf
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