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 The MacKenzie Wolf

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The MacKenzie Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The MacKenzie Wolf   The MacKenzie Wolf EmptyThu Jan 06 2011, 16:03

Name: MacKenzie

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Mostly white, with areas of black and grey, much like the grey wolf.

Height: 24-32 inches, shoulder height.

Basic History: After being nearly hunted to extinction, these wolves were protected by the humans who had tried to kill them. Their numbers rose dramatically, causing several to leave the protected areas, where they were promptly killed by humans. However, that wasn't before a few pairs had pups, and those pups lived secretly, escaping to other areas, including lands that humans had yet to touch.

Habitat:Mountains and forest lands, as well as valleys.

Quick Facts: They are a determined lot, and fierce fighters. They will bear anywhere from 2-7 pups in a litter.

Link to more info:

Picture: The MacKenzie Wolf Mackenzie_wolf_by_Sudrabvilks
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The MacKenzie Wolf
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