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 Abtenauer Horse

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PostSubject: Abtenauer Horse   Abtenauer Horse EmptySat May 07 2011, 01:01

Name: Abtenauer Horse

Species: Horse

Colours: all colours are permitted, though leopard spotting is the only appaloosa coat allowed. Most common are black, rich brown, and blue roan.

Height: 14.3 - 15 hands

Basic History: Of lighter bone than the Noriker, the Abtenauer breeds true to type and is well adapted to the poor soil on which it lives. The breed is known for its easy, flowing trotting action. The Abtenauer is elegantly built with a well-shaped head and strong legs. Abtenauers are usually black, chestnut, or blue roan; black is the most common color but all colors are accepted, except leopard spotting. Mares and foals spend the summers in pasture high in the mountains and are fed salt once a week to prevent them from becoming feral. They spend the summer freely roaming the alpine meadows with cattle. Often foals are born with peculiar curly coats that are lost when the baby hair is shed.
The Abtenauer has quiet, willing disposition.

Abtenauer Horse Atbenauer-picture-2Abtenauer Horse Abtenauer-picture-3Abtenauer Horse Abtenauer-picture-1
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Abtenauer Horse
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