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 The Celestial Horse

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The Celestial Horse Empty
PostSubject: The Celestial Horse   The Celestial Horse EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 00:41

Name: Celestial Horse

Species: Horses only

Colours: Any star colors like white, black, blue, purplish colors

Height: 18hh+

Celestial horses are keepers of the stars that watch the earth for thousands of years. They have nearly unlimited powers that can be defined in only each individual. All have strong connections to the entire universe and especially to celestial forces. Often, they will receive visions or glimpses into the future. They thrive off of moonlight and are most powerful in night time battles. Usually, they stay on the earth for one hundred years living a normal life before returning to the heavens. Occasionally, one will choose to stay forever and remain on the planet. They do not need to eat or drink except when they want an extra boost of energy. Celestial horses are usually very beautiful and calm in any situation. All Celestial horses are led by the goddess of the sky and the heavens above, Andromeda. No one knows the power she possesses.

Picture: Coming Soon!
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The Celestial Horse
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