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 Jeromo- Horse

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PostSubject: Jeromo- Horse   Jeromo- Horse EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:15

Name: Jeromo

Age: 6

Species: Horse

Breed: Arabian x Clydesdale x quarter horse x Thoroughbred (Just his Bloodlines, Definitely not a purebred)


Description: Jeromo is heavy muscled but not as much as a regular Draft horse would be. He of course isn't even half Clydesdale in fact only a quarter. He has taken on a few traits of course, like a dished shape head well not quite so small as an Arabians. He is a Hellion His mane and tail made of Fire, He is mainly though a Black horse.

Height: 16.3

History: Jeromo's Father's Dad was a purebred Clydesdale, Well his Dad's dad had only planned his Bloodlines to be Purebred. His Son Broke the rules then and fell in love with a Arabian Mare, She was as pretty as a Sunset. They had a Son, Jeromo's Dad He had taken on more of the Arabian looks. That's when he Met a QH Cross. That's when Jeromo Came, a beauty of course. He was trained to fight and see what death was like. It was terrible and it was sickening. He left his herd deciding that he would have to protect the Innocent, and maybe also find love.

Personality: Jeromo is quite a nice stallion in fact, it's rare you'll ever find him being mean. He instead of being evil believes that Loyalty and being nice will get you somewhere than it will if you were to be mean. He is a true gentlemen respecting the mares, and backing off or going away if they really want him to. Wouldn't see why they would since he's a Sweetie Xd.

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Jeromo- Horse
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