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 The Hykran Horse

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The Hykran Horse Empty
PostSubject: The Hykran Horse   The Hykran Horse EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 00:39

Name: Hykran

Species: Horses only

Colours: All

Height: Female: 15-16.3hh
Male: 16hh+

The Hykran is a type of equine that lives mainly in the environment of water. They can breathe without it, but their cells cannot function for very long without it. The Hykran will die within twenty four hours if they are out of their habitat. They mostly live close to land, since they like to interact with normal horses too. They are considered to be the 'navy' of the horses. They eat seaweed and can digest grass. The can mate with normal horses or hellions if they wish, and their foals may or may not be Hykran. Hykran horses descended from Unicorns in their ways, even though they lack a horn. Most are majestic and beautiful in nature and looks. They develop fins on their sides and backs, though, when they have been in the water for over an hour. After minutes on land, they look like average horses. All of them descended off of the coasts of a land named Ujara. Legend says that they were created by the gods, but others argue they were a freak accident. Whether they were blessed from above or a genetic error, they are truly amazing.

Picture: Coming Soon!
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The Hykran Horse
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