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 The Eispferd [Ice-horse]

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The Eispferd [Ice-horse] Empty
PostSubject: The Eispferd [Ice-horse]   The Eispferd [Ice-horse] EmptyThu Jan 06 2011, 16:38

Name: Eispferd [Ice-horse]

Species: Horse only

Colours: They only come in four colours, regardless of their parents: red chestnut, white, palomino and ink black. Must have the runes that are on the horse int he pic, also the runes must be in the same spot.

Height: avg 15-17hh

Description: The Eispferd were created when their homeland was frozen solid around them. Because of this, those who are pure are able to freeze the earth and others that they touch if there is enough hatred within them for that other person. Their bodies have adapted completely to be what they are now.
There is a reduced rate of an Eispferd being created if breeding takes place between an Eispferd and a horse of a different type. Hellions are the rarest to be able to get one for a daughter or son, because of the fact they are fire and Eispferd are ice. All Eispferd are decended from Eisbergkönig and Toendra, the leaders over the entire breed.
Best suited to icy lands, though, they can live anywhere, even the desert, though that area is a huge challenge.
All are gifted with the power over ice, if their mane and tails melt, they lose this power. They are generally wise and gentle creatures, more surefooted on snow and ice than any other breed.

[Image stretches page to much]
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The Eispferd [Ice-horse]
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