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 Galaxy (Horse)

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PostSubject: Galaxy (Horse)   Galaxy (Horse) EmptySun Feb 06 2011, 17:07

Name: Galaxy

Age: 3 yrs (ageless)

Species: Horse

Breed: Morgan

Gender: Stallion

Description: He's a fiery chestnut color with a silver mane, He has a white splash on his rump with Fire colored dots. he has a Blaze and two stockings on his hind legs, He has two socks on his front legs. On his feet though other than the Markings, Higher up you can see tresses of fire running up his legs. His eyes look like they're made of fire and his mane and tail are made of fire well almost it starts off as a normal tail until the very tip of his tail is fire, the same with his Mane.

Height: 25 hh

History: Galaxy was a stallion that well came from an Innocent family. At only a few days he was Kidnapped by a evil Mare and Stallion, as was his mother. He was taught in all the ways an horse shouldn't be such an Innocent colt he was before he was taken. He was given a gift of never being able to age. He did not know why he is here but he is.

Personality: Galaxy is a cruel stallion who cares about no one, he only cares about himself. He only cares about power and having femmes bare his heir. He'll never care about anyone and it is not possible for him to fall in love. He can have allies just they better be careful over what they say.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.

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Galaxy (Horse)
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