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 Scarcity (Horse)

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PostSubject: Scarcity (Horse)   Scarcity (Horse) EmptyWed Jan 26 2011, 16:43

Name: Scarcity

Age: 3 yrs

Species: Horse

Breed: Arabian cross

Gender: Mare

Description: I am a beautiful Cross between a Arabian and A friesian. As you can see I have the Excellent looks of being an Liver Chestnut. Pretty I am with two Stockings on my back legs and two socks on my front legs. To top it all off I have wings and I do have a horn.

Height: 14.2

History: Was born in a herd, a pretty nice herd just thinking about it. My Mother was lead mare, which completely rocked it gave me a lot of Privileges . In my world I was princess, I was special. All the other foals well they didn't exist. According to me they were stupid and didn't belong here. I even had beauty on my side so I almost had everything I would have wanted. Princess Heir to the throne if The Higgins clan lost. My Family was currently in war with another family. What started it all was that my father refused to give me up to marry the prince they had in mind.

I was only a month old but they were already talking of marrying me off to someone. My Father had refused though ad struggled to keep control over our kingdom. Thing is I don't think their is such a thing as horses getting married. I do believe in love though but I didn't love the prince. When I turned a year old the war had ended my family had one. Of course my family was way bigger than theirs had been. Quite happy with what had happened I had got a huge let down. My Mother had just recently died, what would happen to me? Replaced with another mare who had a daughter who was now supposedly princess now.

Anger seeped through me feeling betrayed, The filly would pay. She surely did pay with her... Life. I can't say I regret it though because I don't. My Father angry with me, but he didn't dare kick me out of the herd. I was the only one left legible to be a queen. I would have to wait for him to die and the queen. I soon turned two the time when a nasty flood left my family stranded. I wandered around looking for my family. I was to late though another princess was called to be queen. My Father had claimed her to be queen instead of me. Running as far as I could away from them. I traveled for year in sorrow now I am here ready to claim what is rightfully mine.

Personality: I will stop at nothing to get what I want, No one can stop me. the look of disappointment on others faces shame me but as I was called to do. I will rule someday, Everyone will love to have me as Queen. If I have to start over so what but I will claim what is rightfully mine. Other than that I'm relatively a very nice mare and will do anything anyone asks of me. Just I'm a leader at heart and I'm going back to my father's land to claim what is rightfully mine unless it's been taken over by someone else.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.

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Scarcity (Horse)
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