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New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 The Zelgeral Horse

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The Zelgeral Horse Empty
PostSubject: The Zelgeral Horse   The Zelgeral Horse EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:36

Name: The Zelgeral

Species: Horses only

Colours: Black, dark bay, gray, or some smoky color

Height: below 15hh

The Zelgeral is a mythical creature to most, even in the world of equines. Supposedly, they existed millions of years ago to protect the world from the oncoming darkness. Initially, they devoted their lives to hunting evil and defeating it. A few rebelled and left the land, though, wishing to carry out their missions on their own terms. Most of them were made through a odd sort of creation through an angel. Others were born from other Zelgeral horses. They had small compact bodies built for crazy speeds and are only dark bay, black, gray, or a smoky color so that they blend into most any surrounding. When they cannot blend in with their normal color, they change colors so that they do. Their eyes are always red, white, gray, or black. Since they have to travel a lot, there is not much food around. They can manifest anything they want with the spells they were required to learn from a young age. The certain angelic blood that runs through them allows them to. Normally, they will serve a horse of higher power, like their king or queen unless they are the lead Zelgeral. They are not dominant at all. The entire breed was bred to not be lazy at all but to be expert trackers and report things to the military. The move in silence normally unless they are less than a year old. The don't like the day, but they can go out in it if they want to.

Picture: Coming Soon!
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The Zelgeral Horse
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