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 Flower (Horse)

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Age: 6 months

Species: Horse

Breed: Appaloosa x American Paint Horse

Gender: Filly

Description: She is a Black Tobiano with greenish blue eyes, she has a blaze and two socks and two stockings. She is mostly black but you can see splashes of white. She has a horn, but she also does happen to have wings as well, which will grow to be kinda to small for her body and quite useless to use for flying.

Height: Will grow to be 16hh

History: She was born to two wonderful parents, they tried to teach her everything before they died. Well they are thought to be dead at least. They supposedly died falling off a cliff, anyhow she has been abandoned at the age of Six months. She has been wandering lands lately not knowing where to go fearing that death will come soon.

Personality: Flower is a Gentle filly with no intentions of hurting anyone, she just wants to make everyone happy. She isn't scared to say what she thinks of someone, they're usually good things that she says. She is very easy to get scared and is often scared of her own shadow.

Parents: Mother and Father

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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Flower (Horse)
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