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 Avalanche- Horse

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PostSubject: Avalanche- Horse   Avalanche- Horse EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 16:06


Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Hirzai

Gender: female?

Description: She is a gray although she does look white. She has ice blue eyes that seem to be darker in the winter time. She also has a black mane and tail. She has black stockings,. Even though this seems more than enough she has a Arabian Dished face concluding that quite possibly she might not be a purebred Hirzai.

Height 15

History: When she was a filly her mother had died leaving her to die. She luckily did not die and found a replacement mother. She is now all grown up and now looking for a home. Which of course she found everything seems perfect now and anything couldn't get any better could it?

Personality:sweet, can be a little moody, gets confused about a lot of things. Mainly to the fact of having a birth defect not that she can help it though. Painful as it is she'd never forget the very important things of course. It wouldn't be fair to her if she did anyways. But she is Kind and forgiving like any innocent mare there is.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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PostSubject: Re: Avalanche- Horse   Avalanche- Horse EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 16:21


Please post in Taken Names with link.


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Avalanche- Horse
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