New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Onyx(Horse)   Onyx(Horse) EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 16:39

Name: Onyx

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion x Nokota

Gender: Stallion

Description: I am the purest of ebony with blood spattered hues all over my body. The bloody hue is upon my pillars, my entire bodice. My eyes are volcanic, having no pupils. Spikes align themselves upon my large drafty crown. Dark gray, almost ebony, flames lace me where tresses would have been on a normal horse. I am not as large as some stags, but I can hold my own because of my will and my great speed.

Height: 16hh

History: Well, how should I start this? My mom was a little Nokota mare that loved the a hellion stag before she met her last mate, Exile. He lured her in, just to enslave her and make that bastard, Medarmeth breed her unmercifully. I grew up in the Inferno Plains, the darkest lands of all. Of course, the herd that my mother was in was moving out soon, for my father and his group were tired of Armada ruling. She didn't like them taking me - at all, so she demanded that I be hers. I don't even know what reason she made for it, but it worked, somehow. From her, I learned the art of power. I learned to trust the darkness and let it lead me in someways. If I let it take over my life, I could become insane like Corus and Exile had been. I learned to keep the lands at bay with my mind and not to let their overwhelming pressure consume me as it had done to her. She was strong, the strongest queen I'd ever met and I respected her in all ways. Rumors went about that I was her favorite, ranking above even her slightly younger son, Venom. I knew he envied me from the moment we looked at each other. He wants revenge, but I don't know how he'll get it, since I rarely slip up. The Gemdas were infected in my lifetime, and recently, I found that my mother was killed by a mare living in the lands before - Angelica. I swore revenge against her and told myself she'd pay so dearly eventually. Then, I put myself in her skin and used my logic to figure that she hated Exile and thought she was getting at him by killing a slave. It didn't seem too terrible then. Life was terrible in general, I'm just trying to live it out. As a two year old, I got my first mare, my queen, Permisso. I am the beta of Inferno Plains and love to say the title. My life has been terrible, and I accept that. With darkness lingering on, I will defeat the ones who tried to capture me in the first place, someday. Soon after I became the beta, though, I decided that I loved Armada. When she brought home her so-called new king, the trouble really began. He controlled my mind and made me quiver to my knees with his great power. He called himself Frenzy, but I'm sure that's only code name for his demon name. I really don't like him. I've never really liked Venom, Armada's son, but I had never expected to be attacking him. I left the scene so I didn't cause any more trouble. This situation has worried me for a long time, and even though he left, I know I haven't seen the last of him.

Personality: I know for sure that I'm not like most hellion stags. For one, I'm not insane and I use my mind a lot to think and decide from that. I won't just fight anyone. If I'm fighting someone powerful, I'll bring an army and make it a massacre. I'm rather dark, but I don't kill unless I have to. I don't like the whole idea of slaves, but the ones that do will pay - eventually. I can be nice and I like to talk about the issues and try to convert more that like the darkness to think like me. Little do they know, everyone that is insane will die before their time comes. There is a bit more than just a fine line between dark and evil. Even though killing those that do me in is fun, I won't go on a killing spree for my simple pleasure. I know right from wrong and use it to the best of my abilities.

Image (optional): Onyx(Horse) Dragon_Horse_by_Dragonwings13
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Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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