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 The Antianara Horse

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The Antianara Horse Empty
PostSubject: The Antianara Horse   The Antianara Horse EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:42

Name: Antianara

Species: Horses Only

Colours: Dark Colours. Light ones are rare.

Height: Around 16-20hh

The Antianara breed is a rare breed in the land of Freedom's Palace. They are a closely knit group, rarely sharing their secrets. They are trained to be cold blooded killers, assassians. An Antianara
foal is trained from the day it is born until it's 3rd birthday, on which it is given a challenge. If it does not pass, it dies. Mothers do not become attached to their offspring for this very reason, instead foals are given to 'carers', mares who failed the challenge but somehow survied and are turned into slaves or mares who have reached the age of retirement and guard the young ones until their death days. It is rare for a Antianara to reach old age.

With each kill, an Antianara gains a scar. Each scar, something is sealed within. Though, only the sealer knows which it contains and is forbidden to share the power which it holds. The most famous of all is Laochra who is the current queen of all Antianara. Her dark bodice is covered with 137 scars, more then anyone else has ever with held before.
They scars are added to show their strength and that they were worthy of their kill.

Quick Fact: The Antianara hunters are all females. There is, of course, colts born who are also taught the ways of the killer, but they cannot breed with others of their own kind, nor in fact those of other kinds. The Antianara are all blood related and cannot breed without causing insuitable children. They choose their mates within another breed, depending on their lineage and their acts in battle. They will choose only the best to mate with, and it is a thing of passing there secrets onto the next generation and not an act of love. Once the foal is born, they disappear into the lands rarely seen again by their chosen mate.

Picture: Coming Soon!
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The Antianara Horse
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