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 The Timber Wolf

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The Timber Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Timber Wolf   The Timber Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 22:21

Name: Timber

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Their colors vary, and while some are pure white, and others pure black, some are almost entirely reddish-brown. They can have any combination of these colors, and variations happen very frequently.

Height: 26 - 33 inches.

Basic History: The timber wolf has often been confused with the grey wolf, and for good reason. The two wolves are practically identical, with very, very few differences. They interbreed and intermingle, and both kinds are often found living in the same pack. The Native Americans didn't discern between the two, and treated the timber wolves as they would their 'brother wolf,' the grey. Hunted like the grey wolves though, the timber wolves were driven back, and many chose to remain hidden away in their shrinking territories.

Habitat:Timber wolves can be found of prairies and forests, but usually not in high mountain ranges because of the lack of food.

Quick Facts: The "pack" is a very complex and strict organization. They communicate through posture, voice, and scent. The alpha, or dominant, male is the leader. Only the alpha male and alpha female are allowed to breed. The entire pack cooperates in feeding, protecting, and training the pups. The pack distinguishes its territory by marking it with urine and feces. Dominant males can stare down other wolves in the pack to prevent a fight and dominate females do the same to prevent females from mating with her mate, but fights are very rare. Some members may stay with the pack for life

The timber wolves can produce from one to eleven pups, and these pups, unlike most, are mature when they turn two.

Link to more info: None

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The Timber Wolf
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