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 Dire Wolf

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PostSubject: Dire Wolf   Dire Wolf EmptyWed Jul 13 2011, 15:48

Name: Dire Wolf

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Grey, White, Black, Tan, or all of the above.

Height: 5-6 ft, shoulder height

Basic History: One of the most ancient species of wolves, the Dire wolf was thought to be long extinct by human kind. Those remains found by humans would suggest that the normal dire wolf was around the same size as the modern grey wolf. However, most skeletons of the dire wolves found by humans are those of the oldest dire wolves, which were somewhat smaller than the surviving dire wolves.

Several packs of dire wolves left their old hunting grounds, due to the lack of food caused by so many living in the same area. Eventually they came to an uninhabited land, which they promptly claimed.

It was in this land, over the course of centuries, that the dire wolves evolved, becoming larger and stronger than the other types of dire wolves. Due also to the harsh conditions of the land they were in, they became much tougher, which allowed them to survive in harsher than normal climes.

Habitat: Anywhere.

Quick Facts: Due to their size, dire wolves often live in packs with only a few other dire wolves in them. The rest of the pack is often made up of smaller wolves, who are usually subordinate. Furthermore, while Dire wolves can live practically anywhere thanks to their ability to adapt quickly to almost anything, they most often choose large areas where few other wolves live. They find these lands in areas that normal wolves can't get to easily, or else they kill the other wolf packs and claim that pack's old hunting grounds as their own.

The dire wolf will usually have a litter of one to four pups.

Link to more Info:

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Dire Wolf
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