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 Luca (Wolf)

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PostSubject: Luca (Wolf)   Luca (Wolf) EmptyWed Jan 12 2011, 19:48

Name: Luca

Age: 3

Species: Wolf

Breed:Red Wolf

Gender: She- Wolf

Description: Luca is beautiful in fact, many get caught up in staring at her. She unlike her breed is a Chocolaty brown, with amazing bluish green eyes, known as sea Green, her eye color is hard to explain. She has white paws on back feet and a white tail except the tip of her tail.

Height: 26 in

History: Luca was born in a normal pack life, had a mother and father. In fact that was what she really could be thankful for having a mother and a father. Other than that she had a normal life, has grown up and now is looking for love.

Personality: You'll often find her being nice to others being way more considerate than is really needed actually. She loves being the center of attention and will always be found doing things to bring attention to herself constantly. She is loyal and believes that everything has a purpose for happening no matter what happens.

Image (optional):

Luca (Wolf) D37213z
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PostSubject: Re: Luca (Wolf)   Luca (Wolf) EmptyFri Jan 14 2011, 20:45


Please post in Taken Names with link.


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Luca (Wolf)
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