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 Kopa ((wolf))

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PostSubject: Kopa ((wolf))   Kopa  ((wolf)) EmptyFri Feb 01 2013, 18:33

Kopa  ((wolf)) Kopa_by_erosaf-d5tik38

Dubbed ;; Kopa ((heart))
Age ;; 0.5 years
Gender ;; Brute
Title/Rank ;; none
Land ;; Vernien En' Seere
Herd ;; Sarabi's

Coat ;; orange
Mane & Tail ;;no mane, but does have a slightly lighter orange head tuft of fur. Tail is orange like body and has golden flame markings on it
Eyes ;; purple
Height ;; 4 hands
Markings ;; golden flames on muzzle, cheeks, ears, neck, belly, paws. Two jagged red lines under eye
Scars ;; Pink cross scar on neck, dark orange scars around eye.
Daggers ;; gold
Horn ;; n/a
Wings ;; n/a

Breed ;; wolf X husky
Percentage ;; 50% 50%
Dam ;; Ureli
Grandsire ;; Ripper
Granddam ;; Azula
Sire ;; Intuneric
Grandsire ;;
Granddam ;;
Brothers ;; none
Sisters ;; Luna

Friends ;; Luna, Vitani
Enemies ;; none
Love ;; none
Crush ;; Vitani
Heartbreaks ;; none
Sons ;; none
Daughters ;; none

Alliance ;; Light
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; He is known to be adventurous, curious, and loves listening to stories. He's very enthusiastic and playful in almost every action he takes. He also has a rampant imagination, as he almost always mentions monsters before a storytelling. Another important personality trait of Kopa's is pride, as he is often afraid of looking weak or scared.
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Kopa ((wolf))
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