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 Qier (wolf)

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PostSubject: Qier (wolf)   Qier (wolf) EmptyMon Jun 13 2011, 14:13


Dubbed ;; Qier Air Born
Age ;; 1 1/2
Gender ;; Male
Title/Rank ;; N/A
Land ;; N/A
Herd ;; N/A

Coat ;; A white wolf with yellow highlights and a red tint to his thick fur. He looks almost exactly like his grandmother, Snow Dawn.
Mane & Tail ;; Tail: The tip of his tail is red and gold, while the rest is the same as his coat.
Eyes ;; One of the few differences between his looks and his grandmother's (as far as coloration goes) lies in his eyes. Whereas hers are brown, his are a poisonous shade of green, with red streaks spiraling through his left, and gold in his right.
Height ;; 12 hands shoulder height.
Markings ;; The tip of his tail is red and gold, while yellow highlight and a blood red tiniting to his white fur make him an unusual looking wolf.
Scars ;; A few along one paw, where an encounter with Tirona, his oldest sibling, drove shards of stone into his right forefoot.
Daggers ;; His left forefoot is golden, while his right is bright red, with jagged white scars. His back feet are both red, before turning to light yellow, then to white.
Horn ;; N/A
Wings ;; In a way, Qier possesses wings, and in a way, he doesn't. He's able to control air, and the only wings he has disappear and reappear at will. They're usually only perceived as a faint red and gold aura above him, and are often blamed on his odd coat and a trick of the light, especially during the day.

Breed ;; Poison wolf, Red wolf and Arctic wolf
Percentage ;; Poison Wolf: 50% red wolf: 20% Arctic wolf: 30%
Dam ;; Jalie
Grandsire ;; Modet
Granddam ;; Snow Dawn
Sire ;; Soul Render
Grandsire ;; Blood Hunter
Granddam ;; Soul Stealer
Brothers ;; Bêcheur (dead), Abat-Jour, Twivir, Dylo and Mezor.
Sisters ;; Tirona (disowned), Ete, Meita, Thylra (dead), Reniflard, Loup De La Nuit and étincelle.

Friends ;; Mainly Mezor, but all of his brothers, and Ete.
Enemies ;; Tirona, and all those who have sided with Modet. Tirona is his special enemy, since the two used to be great friends.
Love ;; N/A
Crush ;; N/A
Heartbreaks ;; N/A
Sons ;; N/A
Daughters ;; N/A

Personality Qier is a rambunctious young brute, easy to anger, slow to forgiveness. He's gentle with those he cares about, but a fury on the battle field. His size makes him feel especially out of place in his family, and he plans to head towards dire-wolf territory, where he knows his size will help him, instead of hinder.

Qier is probably one of the kindest of Soul Render's and Jalie's sons, but also the most dangerous. He's quite in battle, and rarely ever speaks, instead doing more.
Alliance ;; With most of his immediate family, and hopefully soon to be allied with a few more dire-wolves. He also shares an alliance with wind, over which he has control, and a bird known as Nata, who is a powerful wind elemental, in the form of a over-sized blue jay, and is helping him discover more of his abilities.
Languages ;; English, as well as some Gaelic, and a small knowledge of French. He's also a quick learner, so long as people speak the language around him as they normally would.
Temperament ;; High spirited, loyal to what he knows and believes in, and hard to convince in most things. A quick learner.
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PostSubject: Re: Qier (wolf)   Qier (wolf) EmptyMon Jun 13 2011, 14:34

lovely... can't wait to see him out and about.... I might have someone for him too
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Qier (wolf)
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