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 The Arabian Wolf

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The Arabian Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Arabian Wolf   The Arabian Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 22:38

Name: Arabian

Species: Wolf only

Colours: They have short, greyish-brown fur, with grey shoulders and grey shot sides, a black stripe running along the spine, and a black-tipped tail. Their eyes are naturally yellow with black pupils. However, many are found with brown eyes, revealing that somewhere down the line their ancestors have interbred with feral dogs.

Height: 26 inches shoulder height.

Basic History: They were once hunted by men, but some also chose them as companions and friends. They are relatively social, but avoid most other species, even other wolves at times. They most often travel alone, and only travel in packs during the breeding seasons.

Habitat:Desert and coastal lands, with plenty of heat, small game, and sand.

Quick Facts: The only time that Arabian wolves are known to be territorial is when their pups are born. The litter size can be as large as 12, but is usually only 2 or 3.

Link to more info: None

Picture: The Arabian Wolf Arabian20Wolf
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The Arabian Wolf
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