New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Orphaned... (Open)

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PostSubject: Orphaned... (Open)   Wed Jan 09 2013, 21:40


I yipped to my two siblings. At least, I thought there were two... I had lost track. There had been six to start, but I wasn't sure if the others had followed me or not. I wasn't even sure if I was alone or not anymore. My sides were thin, and my black fur was ragged. One of my ears was torn and bloody; I'd gotten into a fight with a wood-rat - nasty creatures, those were. Behind me, I heard an answering yip. That had to be Voyance. He was always right next to me when I needed him, it seemed. I felt another pup touch my shoulder; the mute wolf Kono, her grey fur somehow pristine, even after all we'd been through. Now, finally, we'd made it back home to the place of our mother's pack.

Hopefully they were still here.

Looking to the silvery male-pup beside me, I nodded slightly. We both raised our small heads, and, calling on our last bit of strength, howled, a sorrowful, thin cry. Hoepfully, I thought, someone would find us soon. Otherwise, I knew, even I would be beyond hope. Beside me, Voyance had already sunk to the ground, her soft grey head lying heavily on her oversized paws. Kono culred up next to her, trying to keep her warm. Finally, I laid down with them, my fluffy tail covering them both, my thin body circling them halfway. Despite my size though (for I was nearly as large as a full-grown wolf now) I was only a pup, two months old, by my own estimate.

Quietly, I fell asleep as well; if I was to die today, at least I would die with what was left of my known pack.

(OOC: Hey Phantom, you still haven't made your three pups from Snow Dawn. Just reminding you.)
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PostSubject: Re: Orphaned... (Open)   Thu Jan 10 2013, 13:53

Leanbh Chineál

I felt the cold rasping at my back as my small claws dug into the ground. Something was wrong. I could hardly stand - not that I could before when our mother had been around, but everything seemed so harder now. I didn't want to think that I would die like mommy had, but some sickening feeling kicked into my sides..and before I knew it, I had stumbled to the ground. My ribs were showing. How long had it been since we had any milk? Little milk had been left from the carcass.

My soul felt empty, and our small group was staggering, but the warmth of the sand was starting to help us move more quickly. Beside me was my sister, Laetitia. She was the smallest female, but something told me she was strong, as she hardly faltered in her step. Slowly, she marched on, and though I was not the strongest nor the bravest, I would try and never give up until the sky fell down.

I looked to Laetita, wondering if either of us would ever make it out of this alive. From the moment we had been born, we had been best friends instantaneously. "Laetitia, do you think we have a daddy?" I asked, tears welling up in my eyes as we reached the water's edge. "I don't know. I know that mommy wouldn't move when I nudged her shoulder. I wonder where the others are. Someone will come for us. I know. I don't know how, but someone will find us..." said Laetitia. Somehow I didn't believe her even though I really hoped she was right. Even though she was small, my sister was mighty.

Suddenly my brother came rolling in. I wondered where he had been. His brown body plopped down next to us, and I wondered where he had gotten the sudden boost of energy. "You know what, Chinea?! You know what? That nice lady over there gave me milk!" he said, looking to a golden wolf. She had said her name was Nala, and apparently she was due to have puppies soon. I ran over to her, as did Laetita and drank to our hearts content.


Nashira called her mate quickly as she rose from her den at the sound of yipping puppies. "Toralon..." she whispered, hoping to gather his attention quickly. "There are puppies outside. I think they are Snow Dawn's. Your father is not doing well, he is still under my watch, but I fear he is declining. Those wounds from the hunter were very bad..." she said quietly. "Perhaps, we should get him?" she asked.

Modet had been staying with them for two months while his wounds were supposed to heal after he was shot trying to protect Snow Dawn from a hunter after they met in the glade. "One of them has the color of the sunset, a bit darker than your mother's...." she said softly.

OOC: Luz:
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PostSubject: Re: Orphaned... (Open)   Thu Jan 10 2013, 16:33


I heard the voice of my red-hued mate calling to me from the den. I snapped a fish out of the water, then ran back, my prey clamped firmly in my mouth, still twitching a bit. As I headed towards the pack, I spotted a small bundle of fur, and stopped in front of it, recognizing the shapes of three puppies. I dropped my fish, my hunger forgotten. My pack would always be first. I nudged the largest of the three pups, a black female awake. Her ribs showed through her ragged fur, and a deep gash in her ear was white with infection. She barked silently though, her mouth entirely dry. I picked up the other two pups, who feebly tried to rise, in my mouth, and loped to Nashira, trying not to jostle the little ones.

When I came to her, I saw three more pups, one who had the shining coat of my own mother. Suddenly I realized that through the smell of unwashed fur, the three pups I had found bore the scent of Snow Dawn as well. And something else.


I set the two pups down, their silver and grey legs struggling to keep them upright, before collapsing beneath me. Behind me, the black pup came forward, and licked the ear of the shining white female pup, before lying down again.

"I'll find Modet," I said to Nashira, agreeing completely. "Keep them safe, my dear." I said quietly, licking her soft cheek gently before turning and moving through the coastal sands, breaking into a run when I was farther away.

"Modet," I said, coming upon my father's home. "Come quickly, Snow Dawn's pups have come." I finished, knowing that the wolf leader would hear me.
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PostSubject: Re: Orphaned... (Open)   

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Orphaned... (Open)
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