New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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  The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)

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PostSubject: The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)   Sat Nov 12 2011, 18:10


Soft white fur curled is tangled ends, blue light of her odd markings shining though her damp pelt. Her nose sniffed the air, and as if tasting its scent it wrinkled up with disgust.
It was such an odd place to be, beside a river in the mortal world. Such things one of her kind would never dream of, let alone be walking alongside.

White as the clouds she comes from, Bandia was different from many others her kind. Runes running the length of her spine, they seemed to glow a pale blue, scattered around her eyes and muzzle. They all had meanings, but only known to her and her kind. Secrets were a well kept thing in the Carinnia kind.
Pale bodice seemed to blend into the curves of the grass, her brown eyes peering out with curiosity. But if one looked closely, they would be able to make out the gentle outline of harsh scars, long faded into her body. Not enough to be called a careless fighter, but enough to show that she was a true warrior and knew how to hold her ground.

Smaller then she appeared, her head popped out from the long grasses, giving hint to her true, smaller frame. Elegant strides led her closer to the river's edge, a challenging look to her eye, but a growl forced her to pause.

"Hey there sweetheart!" a voice crowed, a large brute entering the scene with a 'know-it-all' swagger "you needing a home cutie pie?"

"No," she growled, hackles rising at the sight of the massive black brute, but wasn't surprised when another joined his side and then another. And soon, almost 25 fully grown brutes were staring at her with awe. Obviously deciding that they were already in love with her godly looks and thought they were in for a chance.
A band of bachelors. Great. she muttered with a thought, smirking lightly and knowing she would stand her ground and fight. She had been watching the mortals for years, and knew that they would not harm beauty. Lust for, yes. Attack? No.

"You sure cutie? I think I would love to have a mate like you...just us running around the lands?" He continued, pacing closer to her with an edge in his eye "don't you think?"

His nose was right in her face now, breathing deeply to inhale her scent.

"No!" she growled again, but this time launched her small body at him. Her teeth were aimed for his neck, going for the kill. But the brute saw it coming, flinching away from her attack and turning into the ferocious beast most wolves are associated with. They paced each other, the smaller fae slinking along the ground with a deadly grace, her teeth bared as if daring him to approach. But approach he did, launching into an attack with the other brutes backing him up. It was an uneven match, one small fae against twenty odd fully grown males. Not one she would be winning.

Hours seemed to past, the brutes seeming to fall down one by one. But everyone that went down, several others filled his space. Blood now littered her once clean pelt, jagged cuts bleeding the reddish droplets. She span on her heels, knowing she was losing the battle and had a better chance at trying to flee. Kicking up her paws, she dashed off into the underbrush, struggling to lose them on her trail. But weak as she was, she still had speed and managed to lose them.

Now weak from lose of blood, she staggered into the trees, falling into a heap, panting heavily.

Her white and red body heaving her last breaths....until a scent reached her nose.
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PostSubject: Re: The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)   Mon Dec 19 2011, 00:14

The scent reached him before the sight did. A female was trekking the land, searching for a home, or perhaps just a friend, or a lover. She would find none with him, but she was destined to be his.

Draighean prowled the grasses, his monstrous body casting an even larger shadow. His black and white pelt flashed brilliantly in the sunlight and his blood-red eyes were glinting with hunger. It was a hunger to be satisfied by a deer or a hare, but by the blood of another. And even then it would not be tasted on his lips, but chained into his command as a slave. Unless proven worthy, all females he sought out would be put in to slavery.

His eyes finally caught sight of the white female, bickering back and forth with another male. Draighean watched with pleasure as the female turned the brute down continuously, and finally launched in to an assault. Blood soon filled the air and his mouth began to water, wanting badly to jump in to the unfair fight, to tear apart any that would take it.

But this was his test. The white one had set it up for him, it was perfect. She was defending herself well, despite the massive amount of opponents she was facing. Many fell at her jaws, but were replaced soon after by more brutes, looking to get a taste of the action. Disgusting, he thought with rage, watching the scene.

If he had been 2 years younger, he would have had the mind to jump in. But now he was a king with much higher priorities than fighting pointless battles.

With disappointment, he watched as the white female finally turned and fled the scene.

The bear-like male made his way towards the pack, curling his lips at any male who looked his direction, snapping at the ones who went to follow the small female's trail. "She's mine," he snarled, watching as the much smaller males slunk away from his vicious, promising, threat. He turned, once satisfied they would not follow, and paced quickly after the injured female.

He reached her finally, finding her under the trees, breathing hard and fast, covered in blood. His mouth watered again but he shook the thought away, concentrating on the task at hand. In order to have this worthy female in his pack, she needed to survive.

The king instantly set about cleaning the female's wounds, hoping she would not protest and struggling against the cannibal that lived in his mind. Once satisfied that the wounds were free of any harmful objects that could cause severe infection, and that the blood flow had stopped, he went and curled against her back, keeping his head high, allowing his enormous body to press against hers to keep her warm and help new blood flow through her body.

Draighean hoped she survived after this much effort but if she didn't, it would be no loss to him.

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PostSubject: Re: The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)   Mon Dec 19 2011, 20:46

A flash of rust, a trace of ivory decked firmly upon the muscular underbelly of him.

Faint twinges of the coppery taste lingered from the last time...and the time before. But unlike the savage ones who made their dwellings upon misery, he felt no pleasure from the taste of blood.

A blood bath stood in their midst, but it was not a war that could be initiated and won between dawn and dusk. Rome wasn't built in a day, as the impudent humans sometimes said. Even they were a threat, for their needless lusts for prime fur revealed the true interior of their facade of gentle spirits toward all living creatures. Just like the facade the humans tried to display to the rest of the world, the dire wolves had taken a similar approach. Their facade of illegitimate power could be compared to the facade of humanity's empathy...

That was at least, his perspective on things.

Swift movements trickled like a stream down the dusty paths of liberation, a gentle prowess caressing his muscular form. Gold flecked on the edges of the light summer pelt, harks perked as the vultures gathered above the trees followed by larger footfalls signaled the beginning of battle.

Once lithe pillars had become strong, and the frail bodice of the year old brute that was a former of himself had matured into an older brute with possibly the most power in the world. It was not taken for granted for a moment though, and with such power, came a heavy burden to bare. The weight of the world rested in his callous paws, and his alliance with with king of all wolves.

Where was he when the world needed saving? Where was he to fight all these battles against the dire wolves? Modet didn't know, but the smell of blood that wafted into his nostrils was certainly not a good sign - not for him...but for the affected vixen in this situation.

Oh yes, it was him. Modet could tell just from the scent of the savannah that seemed to cling to the massive foul beast's thick onyx and ivory pelt, musky and dry like the dust that rose in the afternoon from the plain. His daggers, sharp like blades seemed to protrude into the ground, and his ivories glistened like the sun glistens upon freshly fallen snow. Yet something told the great brute that something was different today. Today, they called the shots. was their ambush. What an oddly pleasant change.

As he came into view, instantaneously his upper lip curled to reveal blood stained ivories. A low growl emerged from his lips, ripping through the day time air as he approached them both. "Wrong dog..wrong day, Draighean," he said, low and tense as he stood with pride, the sunlight glistening over his form as he stood before them.

Today, there would be war.

"I am Modet," he said more softly, nodding his skull lightly as he looked to her. "I do not wish for you to accompany me at all, not in the least. I already have a family of my own. This foul beast will not cause harm to you...and believe me, he will if he gets the chance," said the brute, looking over to Draighean menacingly.

Bring it on he willed, feeling his own pulse as all stood silent in the forest.

OOC: Was kind of looking for a place for a Modet/Draighean confrontation. We need some battles to really get things going before the massive wolf vs. wolf war...(Draighean can end up having her by the way)
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PostSubject: Re: The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)   Fri Dec 23 2011, 19:10

Her breath quickened, her heart racing as the scent drifted closer and a large warm bodice was pressed against her side, a moist tounge darting and licking her weeping wounds. The gruff musical lyrics of his mind met her ears, his echoing sounds of his paws sounding heavy to her sensitive ears.


Her derlious mind turned the word over, her parents goodbye words repeating in her head.

You must find your mate, you have a mortal year to return....without a true mate you cannot become need to settle down with a mate....

Her eyes snapped up, brown glassy depths staring at the brute before her, searching his furred features before taking in his bear-like size and mis-matched pelt.

"Mate!" she growled out loud, leaping to her feet shakily and stared at him with wide eyes " cannot be!" The words continued, lowering to a mutter that sent shivers down her spine. She felt her mind tugging towards his, begging for the instant connection and the flood of his thoughts that would follow.

She staggered backwards, stumbling slightly with her weak legs as she struggled with her inner self to claim her mate. She needed to claim him to take her crown, but that meant she couldn't be free. She couldn't mate with a mortal!

"No!" she cried, unable to fight against herself any longer and gave into the need with a grunt of pain as the blue runes on her body flared and glowed in the evening sun.

Power seeped from her body, propping her body proud and tall. All sign of injury disappearing with the bond growing between them. He had saved her, without him....without him unlocking her magic ability, she would of died.

Now fully healed, she rested on her haunches heavily and panted.

"You are my mate."

Eyes still wide and pants racing from her chest, she span around a dangerous growl escaping her throat as she crouched, ready to spring at the approaching male with her tail pointed straight and stiff.

"Leave," she threated, though her words seemed to have nothing against these giant beasts around her.

OOC: sorry...ick and typed 1 handed.....

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PostSubject: Re: The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)   

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The I N D E P E N D E N T Princess (OPEN)
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