New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Tue Jul 23 2013, 18:13 by Erosaf

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Wed Jun 12 2013, 17:57 by Erosaf

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Wed Jun 12 2013, 03:53 by Erosaf

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Fri Jun 07 2013, 01:30 by otho

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Wed Jun 05 2013, 15:28 by otho

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Wed Jun 05 2013, 15:03 by otho

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Mon May 06 2013, 10:12 by .:Phantom:.

Top posters
Happy to Announce
Tue Jul 23 2013, 18:13 by Erosaf
That though we were being trolled by someone who I will not name since this is finally over, that the person has finally decided to leave us be. Everyone can come back when they are ready to do so.

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Group Plot - Darkness Takes Over
Wed Jan 04 2012, 18:03 by Kanchana
The ground seemed to rumble with supressed emotion at their approch. The thundering of their footsteps scaring even the biggest of animals into their dens, but their eyes ever watchful with horror and worry for their young king.

This was darkness. This was horror in it's truest form. They feared for the lives of their young ones, their king and only ruler. For there was no heir anymore.

There was only Alston.

Alston...the name brought laughter to the hulking stallions lips as he squared to a halt, towering frame peering down on the rolling valleys of his land.

"Well Iaistiel," he rumbled "this is home."

The ghost like wolf tilted her head slightly, pale orbs scanning the land with a sense of disgust. "It's...light," she complained and the stallion made to agree.

"Not for long," he said closing his eyes and drawing the power within himself. Still he stood, as if frozen by the quickly wipping winds. His horn glowed, but not with the pureness of the healers, but rather the deep echoing vibe of evil.

The once open blue sky turned dark, as if the moon had set in the middle of the day. Rumbling thunder clouds filled the clearing, lighting and rain flashed all over the sea lands.

"Much better," the fae said with a wolfish smile.

The stag ignored her other then a slight nod of agreement before he reared into the sky, his towering frame seeming to fill the dark morning.

"Alston!" he cried, the land seeming to ring with his deep vocals "Your time is over

OOC: So everyone, it seems we have a new leader xD. Mr Kaseran and his sidekick, Iaistiel, have taken over and have Alston hostage [or alas, will soon].
But don't worry, darkness will soon loose again. Maybe. Wink
Just thought I would give an update on the newest all in plot. Well, soon to be all in.

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Happy New Years!
Mon Jan 02 2012, 20:51 by Kanchana
Hey all,

Happy new year! 2012 is finally upon us and therefore the end of the world (hehe) nah jokes, we are all still kicking. Wishing you all well in this new year as school amoung other things starts up again.

I was away for a few days for the new years but the update is still (slowly) in progress. Gladly, my wrist is much better and we found exactly what was wrong with up. Badly brusied nerve....yay....-.-

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this friday (so not looking forwards to that...) so I'll be out of action for a few days or so, but I'll still try and get on!

Happy new year once more!


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Sat Dec 24 2011, 14:59 by Kanchana
Hey all,

Back for a few days at least, away for new years but back for now! Many of you know, or have heard, that I have indeed hurt myself. Again. Yay me!

Anyways, this means at the moment I am currently 1 handed. This injured hand also, unluckily happens to be my main hand so I am stuck with a hand that doesn't do much....

So, left handed as I now am (no idea for how long...) I have decided to need to find something to cure this endless bordem.

Sure I can post...slowly....really slowly.....but I can only do so much!

Soooo! This means make-over! I can do bits and piece's left handed (currently making a new the one currently up (multi-horses) is not the final product. Was meant to be...but I don't like new one it is!

Skins, boards and I shall finally finish those land images....

So, yep. I might do a whole heap or not much at all...depending how my left-handedness goes....

Wish me luck!


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Summer hath cometh
Wed Oct 05 2011, 14:20 by Erosaf
Foaling: Yes

The heat of summer always endures,
Causing many to feel the strain of sweaty coats,
The nights grow shorter,
As the longest day of the year comes forth.

The world is still reeling,
The fights have not subsided,
Horses plan to take up his place,
Even though heirs remain in his stead,
As does a new king by blood.

The beaches become warmer,
Sand becoming scorching hot,
The only cooling aide,
the cool water shores.

The desert horses feel the heat,
As their lands come to what they prefer,
By those without desert blood,
They are given a wide birth.

Grass is still sweet and springy to the step,
Amongst those cooling shady trees,
the woodland creatures are comfortable,
within the pleasant vales and glades.

The mountains proud and tall,
Waterfalls roar and crash,
The peaks give off a needed shade,
While the merciless sun beats down upon them.

And what finally of the valley's?
The most low lying lands heat the slowest,
The animals there know summer has come from those who visit,
For they are yet to feel its heat.

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From the Old Admin
Wed Jun 22 2011, 00:09 by Kanchana
Hey Guys,

So, you know when you love something so much but you have to suddenly stop when you have no time? That life takes away the things you enjoy so much, but you need to find time for it anyway? I gave up on writing for that very fact, that I had to many things at once and was going to have to give up one thing. And guess what? It hasn't been easy, in fact I often stare at the blank notebooks hoping to fill them with ideas! But even then, I haven't been able to stop myself. Inbetween sleeping, hockey and school, I have some how managed to scribble ideas down and even dreamed about writing.

So, I have come back. No, I will not be back full time, nor will I be on every day. I am trying to play for my Country, and training as much as I am, I honestly should not be coming back.

I know many will have questions about characters and such, but no I shall not be bringing back all my characters. My mains, like Ashton, will not be brought back. I'm sure many plots and posts have been created to fill the huge whole I left in the kingdom, and many will not think it fair of me just waltzing back in here and taking over. So, I shall be owner. Yes, but I shall only decide on the massive issues and ideas for the site. Phantom and Erosaf, if they wish, shall both be named as 'co-owners' and run the daily needs, and I shall only step in when I think is needed and any major changes to the site.

As for the rest of my characters, I am only keeping a few (that I shall name below) and they are mostly unclaimed or I have a plot in mind for. Of course, if you really want me to bring back a certain character, feel free to ask but I might not do so.

Also, maybe, a few new character's as well. Just to get rid of these ideas in my head XD.

And last but not least...I won't be on everyday. I shall post at every 3 second chance I get. I am lifting my posts to hopefully around 200-300 words. Nothing below! So please, try and write a long post in responce to try and keep my muse going.

Thank you and hope you want me back,


Characters Coming Back:

Bandia - Wolf
Edon - Wolf
Rani - Wolf
Aatu - Wolf
Luikawa - Wolf (Pups: Locien - male, Cairda - female)

Kanchana - Horse (If wanted by Phantom)
Hidden Illusion - Horse - Keeper of the Land of Wishes
Omeya - Horse (If wanted by Phantom)
Yára - Horse
Kairva - Horse
Castien - Horse
Duilleoga - Horse

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Season Change as they always have
Tue Jun 14 2011, 14:39 by Erosaf
Winter's left a heavy mark,
Leaving the world without its once proud king,
Now the fights shall begin,
For the highest position of them all.

The beaches become warmer,
As the snow melts into the sand,
The icy water that laps at their edges,
still winter cool.

The deserts remain the same,
the sand's heat turning the snow into water,
the horses there can feel the change.

Fresh spring grass can be found,
the best grass of all amongst the trees,
To the woodland creatures the spring always has,
become the chance for new life to come.

The mountains proud and tall,
Are filled with the sound of rushing water,
as the ice still thaws below their peaks,
yet the highest peaks covered with snow until summer.

And what finally of the valley's?
the most low lying lands thaw the quickest,
the animals there know the winter has come to an end,,
as the rising sun is met with new life.

NOTE TO ALL: Please go and change your characters ages by one year if applicable to them. And also please update your Character Status boards so we know where all are!

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Sad News From the Admin
Sun May 01 2011, 21:14 by Kanchana
Hey all,

I know I haven't been on. I know I have barely posted all year for different reasons. But now, well I just can't.
My trip away in Canada has opened a lot of options for me and my hockey, but in saying that it is also taking a lot more time away and further away. Currently in the selection training squad for state, training for 3 other teams and tournaments all over Australia (and overseas) you can guess where all my time is going.

I am currently training 6 times a week. Each sessions is from 1 and a half hours and up to 4 hours. I am currently in one of my final years at school, so the work load is massive. I have given up all hope of a social life, and have no time to breath, let alone write.

So I have come to a sad conclusion. I cannot run this site.

As much as it saddens me to say this, I truly cannot. I have already quit my job, changed schools, dropped subjects and all but shunned my friends and I just can't do this as well.

My characters are not to be stolen, used or taken in any form. My artwork is mine and mine only, you may NOT re-use it. This is still my site, you may not steal my plot lines, my names or anything else which is made and/or created by me. Please respect this.

I shall miss you and remember you all.

Lots of thanks for the support over the last year.

Kanchana xoxo

P.S. To those members who wish to stay in contact, you can reach me though Erosaf and others. I am also on for my photography studies, feel free to follow me or contact me on there. My name is Kanchana12

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March Winners
Thu Mar 31 2011, 14:21 by Erosaf
Seeing as Kanny's not here to deal with the winners from the polls, I'll do it for her.

RP'r of the MONTH

Otho and Kanny - there was a tied vote with one vote each


Again a tie between Phoenix and Sundawn (Saphira and Erosaf)
Ganymede and Blizzard (Phantom and Saphira)

Character of the MONTH

Yay one without a tie
The winner is: Trainwreck!

Aprils Polls are now up, so please get voting

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