New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))

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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))   Tue Feb 12 2013, 20:32


I did not speak for a time, instead listening as the others surrounding me spoke in turn - and sometimes out of it, too. I was busy, sizing up the benefits and drawbacks of allowing the two newest comers to remain. The wolf, although perhaps full of her nickname, would gain us a hold among the wolves, perhaps. Certainly, she would be useful for spying as well as an assassin. If, of course, she was as good as she claimed. The young stallion, Valek, though...

I sized him up again, noting his well-defined muscles, his intense gaze. He had potential, whether a half-blood or not. He had Satan's blood, that was obvious. Were he pure, he would be among the more powerful hellions in the world. As it was, I could tell he would hold his own against most. He could use magic, as well. The question, then, was how much power he really had.

I would need to find out how useful these two would really be. I wondered, looking at them both, if they had the self-control for some of the things that might come...

I smiled slightly, my blue eyes locked on the two. "You may live here. Both of you. However, I have a... Request." I said the word carefully, knowing that they'd likely not take it as such. I waited for their answers to me. They would show me a potential worth beyond what could be said by their actions in the matter. Otherwise, they would only be of worth on the battle-field, which was farther away from where we were for me to like. At all.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))   Tue Feb 12 2013, 22:03

The young believed themselves invincible. And was that not the crux of the whole matter? Both Valek and Shikei were young, had traveled around the world, had gotten into quite a few scrapes, but had both emerged unscathed, and stronger, for the trials.

The fallacy of youth.

Their reputation had spread like wildfire, in the other parts they had visited. The Angels of Death, they had been called in fearful voices. There, they had been at the top of the hierarchy, bowing to none. They had learnt to talk carelessly, to intimidate others by mere words alone, and they found it much for satisfying than a show of mere brute strength. And it had worked beautifully. The other equines and wolves had cowered and trembled more under their silver-smooth words alone, than by displays of power.

Here, however, it seemed as though it was not the case. The Elite, here, did not understand the beauty of words, as they weaved mesmerising threads of wonderous colours before their opponents' eyes, confounding them and striking fear into their hearts.

Here, it was all about strength, and purity of blood. Valek exchanged a meaningful glance with the she-wolf, who nodded very slightly. Yes, she too, understood the dynamics of the group. They would have to restrain themselves, be silent and give shows of strength, when intimidation was necessary, it seemed.

His eyes becoming half-lidded, Valek turned to Temia, inclining his head to her.

"No need for apologies," Valek said smoothly, tossing his dark forelock out of his eyes. "Perhaps, we could have a better working partnership in the future. One created through alliances of mutual benefits and strength."

The dark stallion lowered his head, till her was eye-level with the young filly.

"Sister," he greeted her warmly, only a surprised glint in his eye displayed that he had not known.

Valek mentally shrugged and sighed at Satan's words, quickly executing a deep bow in hopes of placating him.

"I apologise, Great-grandfather. In the lands where Shikei and I ruled... We used very different ways of communicating."

Indeed, for to be swift of tongue was a trait most highly prized in the nobility. Speaking circles around each others, infuriating and angering the other, causing entire wars and blood feuds with a single word alone.

Valek then turned his gaze to Exile, holding the white stallion's gaze evenly, but with a tinge of not-so-hidden respect within his eyes.

"State your request, Exile," Valek rumbled, welcoming Shikei as she padded to his side swiftly, eyes blazing with interest. They both knew, that however he termed his task, it was not a request at all, should they wish to remain here.

Stars above and demons below. If ever he chose to settle down, the one he picked to rule at his side would be one of wit. At least, then, their conversations might be more entertaining and diverting.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))   Wed Feb 13 2013, 15:12


I smiled to myself, not letting it show on my face. I could almost see the cogs working in their heads. They were likely waiting for a demand of brute strength, or something of the like. I was already quite sure they'd serve well on that plain though. I spoke again, accepting their answers without surprise, noting Valek's emphasis on the word "request" as I did so.

"Valek, I have heard of a mare, new to these lands, by the name of Cynjarah. Several of our newest enemies have taken an interest in her. Or, more particularly, her family. I wish you to help her, and bring her safely here. Deal with those who may attack her, but do not kill them." I doubted any present would like the idea of letting one of the enemies live, but I had seen, while in the minds of my spies, who was there with her, and didn't wish to risk a war with Fantasma just yet. Plus, her foals would be useless to my plans... At least for now. No, better that Fantasma's son be let to have the small victory. It was more important that those who would ally themselves with me be kept from too much harm for the moment.

"Shikei," I said, carrying on. "There is a wolf, among those of Modet's pack. She is young, and strong, from what I have heard. Her name is Kuvvet. She will be a powerful ally... If she can be persuaded to join us. Do not bring her here though; we need a spy among the wolves who ally themselves with our enemies. She is rash, and quick to act on her feelings. I suggest using that to your advantage."

I could tell, just by how they moved, that they weren't expecting this sort of order. Feats of strength were one thing, but for now I needed silver-tongued snakes.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))   Wed Jun 12 2013, 03:53

Satan listened to all that went on for a few moments. "You had better not fail Valek," he added. There was no chance any horse descended from him would be even acknowledged by him if they were failures. He looked towards Exile after that remarked aimed at Valek. "If there is no more need for me to be here, should you need me, just please send someone to Hölle auf Erde and they will find me there.”
For though Trainwreck was said to be the king of Hölle auf Erde, he had not been seen in many months.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))   

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A Dark Visitor... ((Otho))
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