New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf)

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My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf) Empty
PostSubject: My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf)   My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf) EmptyMon May 02 2011, 19:01

Hues of sand danced upon the rich emerald of the thick forest, swelling with the life that made its dwelling within. Fire danced through veins who once filled themselves with bitter hate for the ways of life and brutal torment. Only love and adoration followed through now, hope for the future, hope that it would be better than what it had been for so long. Every day, his deep, handsome features filled her sight, bringing warmth to her soul and every night, his heart filled her dreams as they snuggled closer in the cool forest caves. How, though, could she repay his unconditional love?

"Spyro," she whispered on soft winds' music, her alto vocals radiating through the silence like the beautiful song of a Siren. In truth, she was no more sure about this avenue as the rabbits jumping around carelessly were. Tourmaline's thoughts took her to the future though, and she couldn't help but to grin with glee at the thought of being a mother. If only to see the innocence in the youth's orbs, the calm softness of his or her vocals. To make new life was the utmost contribution to the world. The question was not if she wanted to, for she would have given the entirety of her heart and soul to do so in previous years. The question was if she was truly worthy to pass down these wretched bloodlines, the ones of the stripes and stocky build. They had made her seem ugly before, but did Spyro think the same?

I must speak to him thought the beautiful fae as she tread upon the lush greenery of the gorgeous forest. Perfection cascaded upon her in an array of beautiful sunlight, the kind you only found in the rain forests filled with warmth, ones far too worthy of her. "I must ask you something," said Tourmaline, quickening her pace as she found him easily, his golden tresses appealing to her as they always did. They had both changed, for the better, and only scars were left of their terrible past.
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My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf) Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf)   My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf) EmptyFri May 06 2011, 16:24

The black and gold unicorn raised his head as he heard the call from one of the others in the lands. At the moment he had been wandering on his own away from his part of the lands. Now though he broke into a canter, moving towards his one mare. If he said he did not feel anything for her he would be lying. Tourmaline had helped him move on from the darkness that was his past. And he knew he had helped her in the same way.

There was something between them, he knew. he moved flawlessly now, holding his huge body proudly as he entered the area she was in. "Yes, Tourmaline?" he asked.
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My Heart Holds a Wish(Erosaf)
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