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 Kilkenny [male wolf]

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Kilkenny [male wolf] Empty
PostSubject: Kilkenny [male wolf]   Kilkenny [male wolf] EmptySun Mar 20 2011, 01:02

Name: Kilkenny

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Timber Wolf Moon Goddess X Husky Timber Wolf

Gender: Male

Description: off black, leaning toward violet body, but it merges into pitch black as you look at his neck. The tip of his tail is also black. Kilkenny has a ton of white on him too, like under his chin and around his eyes, his chest, his belly, and all four of his legs. He has husky ears and brown dog-like eyes.

Height: 5

History: He comes from a big family of sixteen pups playing together. his mother and another were the parents of all sixteen. he is the youngest in hsi family.

Personality: The lievely one of the bunch

Parents: Lune and Draighean

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Kilkenny [male wolf]
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