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 Red Death

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PostSubject: Red Death   Red Death EmptyMon Feb 07 2011, 19:46

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Red Death

Age: 28

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion

Gender: Stallion

Description: Red Death is red and black painted, with a black forelock and a red mane and tail. His eyes are orange.

Height: 19 hh

History: Red Death was born in the desert to two hellions who wandered within no-stags' land. Red Death was their youngest, but also their strongest foal. He grew quickly and was soon taller than his siblings. When he turned three he killed his brothers, sisters, and parents, then claimed a land in the no-stags' ground. Then it was time for him to find mares, which he did quickly, as he seemed to do everything else. Instead of trying to convince mares to join his herd, he would steal them away or kill a mare and take her filly to raise under his rule.

When he was seven he chose one as his queen, a hellion, like himself. However, she died when he was twenty, so he chose a mare named Omera, who had been one of his first fillies to raise. She by that point had accepted his rule, and was willing to become his second.

However, their peaceful life was disrupted seven years later by a call from across the seas. Omera begged him to come, and to let her go, and eventually he relented. Therefore they traveled across the sea, swimming over the waters to help.

Personality: He's cruel, but hates finding any kings as cruel as he. When he does he and his current queen often work together to bring them down, usually then claiming the other stag's land as his own. Around mares he acts like a gentlehorse, till they come with him. When they do he treats them well enough, but often forcebreeds them. Around stags he's hardly ever decent, often insulting them. Around fillies... Well, let's just say that their sires had better stay close... Colts he'll treat well though, remembering his own days as a growing foal.

The one thing though in which he's entirely unhellion in is his family. When others try harming his children, or his queen, he'll do his best to make their lives a living hell... Something he knows how to do very well by now...

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Red Death
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