New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 On the Death Row [Phantom?]

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On the Death Row [Phantom?] Empty
PostSubject: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptyMon Jan 14 2013, 04:34

It was night.

The entire was was still and silent. No lights shone from beneath her, from where the dark wolf ghosted above their heads, high in the sky with none any wiser of her presence.

Shikei beat her powerful wings steadily, the rhythmic motion making no sound at all to mark her presence. The she-wolf allowed herself a glow of pride, as well as a bout of contempt for those poor, wingless beasts that were destined to spend the rest of their insignificant lives on the ground.

They would never knew the adrenaline rush as she performed reckless aerobatics in the sky, as she flipped over and her claws raked the sky, and her back faced the earth. They would never know the thin, cool air beneath their wings as she soared on updrafts and spiraled in circles, hunting for her next piece of prey.

Speaking of prey-

A flash of movement beside her caught her attention in her peripheral vision. Instantly, Shikei rolled over to the side, so that her flank was parallel to the ground. Her wings flashed silver, lighting up the patch of sky for an instant, as they sharpened into razor edges that could cut through steel and fur and bone as easily as her teeth slicing through the throat of another.

Shikei's strange, demonic eyes fastened instantly to the pretty male wolf that had tried to fly alongside her. Her silver pupils nestled in their feral golden beds flashed with fury and disgust at his presumption.

He thought that he could fly alongside her, without even being invited? He thought that he was strong enough to take her on? Strong enough to couple with her?

She sneered, ivory fangs flashing in the moonlight.

The diamond-sharp edges swung hard, propelling the she-wolf so that she was above the other, just as that wing cut through his throat, severing his head totally.

Dispassionately, she hovered steadily in place, eyes sparking with a wild, feral light as she watched the body tumble down into nothingness.

Only then, did she allow herself to give voice to her satisfaction. Wingbeats still silent in the air, Shikei raised her head to the full moon in front of her, shaping her mouth into a rough circle, as she howled - part moan, part cry of triumph as her voice vaulted across the silent, sleeping land.

The sound was eerily haunting, but melodious and beautiful, as the last echoes faded away into nothingness.

Blood continued to drip from the edge of her wing - now feather-soft once more.

All was as it should be. She as the hunter, and the rest of her world lying at her paws as prey.
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On the Death Row [Phantom?] Empty
PostSubject: Re: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptyMon Jan 14 2013, 20:21

Mystified was the night air, wind trickling through the bristles of his ebony pelt, a true clone of the night sky herself. Alive was the devil inside of them all, but whether one had the inner-knowing to face that child of the night that lived in their souls remained to be seen.

Like a bat out of hell, massive wings with talons flapped widely, lapping up the midnight air in leaps and bounds as he soared above the terrain. Truly, he couldn't call it heaven, like many called the sky above the earth. Wouldn't it be ironic to refer to his midnight domain as heaven when such creatures of night were present within? Glowing bright blue orbs which lacked pupils scanned the ground below like a hawk concentrating on a small prey that awaited its grasps below. With one mighty swoop, the hawk could choose to end it's horrid life or choose to wait until the picking was right.

Perhaps, that was the game in which he most enjoyed playing. Prey. And Predator. It was quite comical though when the one believed that the roles of all time had been switched. There was someone in his domain that did not belong, and it wasn't as if he ruled the entire sky. Just the section in which he was present that particular time frame, and after all, there were not that many creatures that occupied the same earth as he.

Feathered wings beat below him quietly, almost like the silent predator. He must have been almost one-hundred feet above the vixen as he swooped down to fly beside her, his orbs menacing and cold as he turned his skull to face her. "I prefer the skies as well as night. Quite useful for eliminating...certain targets upon the ground," he murmured, just a simple statement of his usual intentions to quickly gather her intentions before he spoke of his name and realm. It was obvious that he was from the domain of hell itself and pleasured himself in the fact that he could kill anything and anyone he wanted without consequence. Of course...not his horse counterparts, but to kill an innocent victim was his most enjoyed target.

"I am called Shyam, from the inner depths of hell itself," he said, glory and fire surrounding his names as his vocals laminated the name with everything it stood for. It just so happened that the intruder to his realm could actually be worthy of meeting, that is, if her attitude reflected her looks of a night demon. Simply, if she did not reflect in his views, she would be an easy target to eliminate. Far too easy.

Actually, most were easy to eliminate, when you think about it. What he needed was a challenge. Perhaps, she could provide that challenge? Or perhaps, a valuable alliance to travel with. It had been long since he'd actually met another wolf like himself, but he would not reveal his wish for a companion or ally - traveling alone was fine by him any day.
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PostSubject: Re: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptyTue Jan 15 2013, 03:55

She had heard him even before he had appeared in her line of sight. She had scented him even as she heard him lower himself from the higher altitude at which he was flying at to her level.

Shikei hissed softly under her breath in irritation, murmuring a long, seemingly never-ending string of Japanese expletives. The rushing of air beneath beating wings grew louder in her sharp ears. The she-wolf tilted the angle of her wings slightly with the ease of long years of practice, compensating for the rush of air that accompanied her next 'fan'.

Well, her claws were sharp, fangs were polished, fur was groomed.

Let him - for she could tell by scent that he was most definitely a he - try what he wanted. She would be prepared for anything - as always.

And if it was yet another light-sympathiser coming to badger her or croon about how pretty and how sweet she was.. Shikei was going to gut him. She'd roll over and pounce on him, their combined weight too much for his puny wings, bringing them tumbling back down to earth. She would flare up her wings, just in time to slow them down, but not quick enough to prevent his leg from snapping like a twig under her paws. After that, she would use a single gold-tip ebony-hued claw and carve a straight line through his soft belly, letting the blood stain his fur. Then, she would pull out his entrails, snapping them and yanking them out so he was completely empty inside. And then-

She turned her head to face him, expression neutral. Her unnatural eyes blazed, fire to the ice within his cold, cold eyes. The white pupils within fear yellow burned, as she curled her lip, expression darkening as he spoke, without even a 'how-do-you-do'.

"Really," she asked dryly, dragging the word out so that it lingered in the air between them even after she had finished speaking. Lazily, Shikei looped around the other wolf, tilting her head as she observed him, as, surprisingly, a fellow predator instead of prey.

She turned her head once more, gazing fully upon him as her thick fur whipped in the strong winds. She took in his features, narrowing her eyes warningly at him. She knew what he was - who wouldn't? However, if he put one paw out of line, or tried to attack her, there would be hell to pay.

Figuratively speaking of course.

"I would never have guessed. Seeing you up here - it practically screamed that you loathed flying. I would never have known that!" she drawled, her voice sweet as sugar as she flicked her tail, looking away once more.

She wasn't interested in making friends. The only ally she needed was Valek. But the dark horse was away doing Hell-knows-what with his grand-daddy and the rest. Bored, she had come to explore the rest of the lands.

But she didn't really know why she was letting him fly with her. The innate power within the other was obvious - she wasn't that blind - but it hardly impressed her. She was content with her own strength. Nevertheless, whatever the reason, she said nothing, letting him fly alongside her.

Lips curled back over gleaming fangs, as she turned blazing eyes upon him once more. Her wings flapped rhythmically, each movement deliberately allowing her to splash the not-yet-dried blood upon his pelt - as both a warning and as a boast.

"I am Shikei. From the mountains of Japan. Konichiwa," she returned, voice light and airy in direct contrast to her demonic eyes.

With that, she shot forward, suddenly wishing to feel the burn in her wings and the wind soaring and stinging her eyes. Like an arrow, she was off, wings twice as large as her snapping powerfully.

Well, if he wanted to talk to her, he had better be able to keep up. She wouldn't allow anything less.
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PostSubject: Re: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptyWed Jan 16 2013, 21:49

Below the heights of the world, the terrain was fecund, glowing with prosper and a certain dignity it held as the moonlight caressed it. Through vision of bright soulless orbs he could see the creatures of the earth marshaled around the raging river, conversing and coercing. Whatever they did, it was hardly intriguing to those that occupied the skies, for they had little use for bound creatures unless it came to slavery or some such thing. Viewing the earth from the clouds was the ultimate view, where you were practically undetectable and had the wind at your beckoning call. There was no his opinion at least between those of the earth and sky.

Even the slightest change in movement of the she-wolf perked his attention as he flew next to her. A shift in the way in which she tilted her feathered wings - a simple look of pure hatred or the practiced expression of the hunter preparing for the catch or the flight. It mattered not which route she took, for they were the elite.

Surely, she would not talk about the beauties of the world and how blessed she was to have such a loving family. He swore, if he saw another one of those 'lights' his lunch would fall on some poor victim on the ground. Along with the body of the vixen. Usually, he could make sense of which creatures had sense and which ones didn't, and for the most part, she seemed intelligent and cold - her demeanor much like his own. But, sometimes he met those that were not fit to rule the skies with their wings silently gliding into darkness. And, of course, those were disposed of in a most hasty manner.

It wasn't that he was particularly choleric - he simply would not stand for those to poison his domain with their soul ugliness, as he so loosely called it. It was not permitted. Perhaps, it was in those wastelands they called perfect terrain, but in his realm, anything that dared fly that was capable of love was officially dead. And, yes, that was a threat to any bystanders that could tell his thoughts.

"I wouldn't have said it if I hadn't meant it," he said, smirking back sarcastically as she suggested interest. Of course, the conversation had to still stay interesting at the very least, or there would be nothing to speak of except for the various murders they had both completed. Which was simply boring since the fact that both of them were trained killers was already out on the table. She seemed the need to circle him, as if she was predicting his next move down to the very next breath he took. Instead of watching him as an attacker, she seemed more like an ally, easily and non-tentatively flying about.

Shyam was apathetic to whatever she was actually thinking, as he actually had his mind on more important matters. He had business to attend to that wasn't her on a regular basis, and there was hardly a time when he was just flying about like her. Whatever. He could spare a few moments to speak.

"Just as obvious as it is that you hate killing," he shot a demanding glance back to her, expression indifferent once more as he looked straight forward once more. Perhaps, she thought he would be servile to her, begging and groveling at her feet for her not to kill him like all the brutes before him had. If she though that, she was oh so sadly mistaken - wouldn't it be just a shame to prove her wrong. Ha. He laughed to himself, concentrating on yet another thought other than her.

Continuing his easy flapping, he listened to her name. "Ah..haven't heard of you," he said, expressionless as could be as he continued on, when suddenly she surged past him as if it was a challenge. What a fool, for he knew of course that he was the finest flyer in all the land. Surging off behind her, he tucked his legs beneath him and soared right past her through the air. He felt like he was going a thousand miles per hour as he continually sped up. That would show her. Looking back he snickered, momentarily taking his eyes off the path in front of him. Wham! Straight into an extremely. Tall. Tree.

"Dammit," he murmured, regaining his momentum as he let her catch up.
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On the Death Row [Phantom?] Empty
PostSubject: Re: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptyWed Jan 16 2013, 23:28

There was no purer joy, in Shikei's opinion, than flying free under the cover of darkness. There were no judging eyes, no expectations, no creatures to tempt her killer instinct to life.

There was just her, and the vast, vast sky. As well as the wind ruffling her fur, buoying her up, and -

And she really, really needed to get another hobby, if she had to resort to waxing poetic about the moon and stars and flying, and being queen-of-all to stave off her boredom. Honestly. This was just being borderline pathetic.

She was young - had her whole life ahead of her, and here she was, going on and on and on about the flying, as though she were some old grandmother with nothing better to do than to tell stories and spin fanciful tales.

Shikei growled softly under her breath, shaking her head fiercely, scattering those thoughts away like water from her fur.

"Of course you wouldn't have," she agreed sardonically. "I mean, you're a Hell wolf or whatever you're calling yourselves now. And I can see that you're totally a sucker for the truth."

She shot a glance at him, amused and rather delighted that he would match her verbal quips, and send what would have been poisoned darts back towards her. Those precious few that she had met and spoken to - including Valek's ilk - did not understand or seem to admire the fine art of sarcasm and verbal sparring.

In short - they were as dry as bones. Really, someone had ought to do something about it. Just because they were 'evil' didn't mean that they had to be devoid of fun and adventure as well! It was practically treason, the way they had ignored her comments.

And she could feel Valek laughing at her predicament, when she had been ignored. She growled under her breath, rolling her shoulders in annoyance. Just wait till she got her claws into that black beast. They'd see who was laughing then!

His next words caused her to raise an eyebrow, throwing a smirk back at him.

"Really," she drawled, looking him directly in the eyes, half-hoping that he would be intimidated by her own. "Stealing lines, now? Please. If you absolutely must, but please at least try to have some semblance of originality," she challenged, uncommonly thrilled as she lazily few circles around him - no pun intended.

At his comment, Shikei shrugged nonchalantly.

"Good. I'd hate to lose my anonymity so soon."

As soon as she had completed that last syllable, her wings had snapped open to their fullest extent, bearing her up and forwards, the stinging wing bring tears to her eyes. Idly, at the back of her mind, she wondered if he'd be able to keep up - she rather hoped that he would. It would be a shame to lose the first decent company she'd had in days so quickly.

And then, something flashed past the corner of her eye. Swinging her head around, she watched with disbelieving eyes as the other male overtook her easily, despite his heavier body. She felt her jaw gape open in shock, as she paused, stunned into motionlessness when he looked back at her and smirked.

Disbelief, annoyance and irritation warred within her. How was it even possible? She bared her teeth into a snarl of discomfiture, about to make a scathing comment to cover up her wounded pride, then -


And then suddenly, she doubled over in laughter, real laughter, like she hadn't in years with anyone else other than her brother-horse. She laughed, shaking in the air, swerving unsteadily as she lost control of her wings, eyes shut, tongue lolling out as she howled with honest mirth.

"Yes, yes, you won," she gasped out, shaking her head in disbelief. "All hail Shyam, Master of the Air, Crasher of Trees."

She caught his eye, sniggering once more, even as another part of her, reluctantly impressed with his flying prowess stirred. With an annoyed harrumph, Shikei flew closer, sniffing the air discreetly to see if there was any blood.

Just a trace - nothing he wouldn't heal from.

The she-wolf tossed her head, wheeling away to land in one of the steadier topmost branches of the tree, irritably clawing off the thinner branches and leaves that obstructed her view.

"Care for a dive?" she asked hopefully, nodding down at the ground way beneath their feet. "We can see who can go down the lowest! Unless, of course, that teeny wound is bothering you more than you think?" she smirked, eyes glinting with laughter, and a hint of calculation. She was evaluating him now - she had never seen another like him before. Perhaps, this one would be worthy of her time. If he could beat her, he was good.
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PostSubject: Re: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptySun Feb 10 2013, 21:31

Tell me I'm Frozen...but what can you do?

Life was so flawless and boring that he wondered if time truly centered around the earth or if the earth was at the disposal of their senses and wants. If time was frozen and the sea tides did not rise and fall with the shimmering of the moonlight, would the sun still shine in the day? Maybe they would all slip all away and all that would remain were shattered pieces, but that would not be before all those that defied him fell to the tides. Salt would cloud their senses and all they would breathe no more. Forever would their souls wander the frigid lifeless plain of hell to which they were doomed.

Then again, were they all not doomed to hell? An honorable mention it was to be cursed in the eyes of clouds or whatever existed beyond them. There was great evil that made their dwelling in the crevices of the earth and beneath its interior, so there must be great light to make the odds even.

In reality, nothing mattered but the here and now and how to do what he must to succeed in the world. How to make the creatures of the wood bend to his will and fade away with no expressions to serve only one master. Perhaps their expressions would be frozen to nothingness like the moon had and like he had, in utter darkness. Only to himself was he bound to and all colors faded away as coldness gripped his soul.

Feeling the sorrows of his opponents was his true pleasure, and those that walked upon the earth were literally beneath him as he soared above them. His mind lingered off into the distance and he forgot he was even around anyone. It wasn't that he was comfortable around her or anything - he just felt the need to dream of death. Perhaps, in a next life he would be the grim reaper or something. At the thought he felt like busting out into malicious laughter, but then he noticed that she was flying beside him. Didn't need to seem like too much of an idiot in one night, did he? But what did he care about what anyone else thought anyways?

"Yes...of course. Just as you are entirely too noble as well," he mentioned, spiraling to a higher level of flight to where the clouds touched him and he flew straight through them. Far off there were dark clouds on the rise, and one could even see the rain that would drench the terrains in a matter of hours. Land dwellers better seek shelter for the storm. His storm.

Slightly gladdened was he that she understood the multitude of tones and words that language had to offer them instead of simply finding every slight flip of the tongue offensive and crude. What he liked to call it was a dangerous mind that he had, and it seemed that no one matched him. You know, except for her. At least she wasn't stupid.

It was in her eyes, what was on her mind. Home. There had never been a place he could call a home, for he enjoyed to fly and wander far too much to call a certain place his home. But, since he had been granted leadership of the wolves in the gully, he supposed he traveled there a bit more than often to do his tasks. Such as kill any intruders or welcome them as slaves and guardians of the throne. Whatever the land needed. Whatever he wanted.

Memories of a lesser day came to mind, where there was nothing to do. "Of course you would say that. When we both know that I am more original that you are," he challenged in return, smirking to himself.

A few times, she flew around him easily, wings more gliding than they were flapping. But since when were they interested in working hard, unless it was in battle?

"Unfortunately, they all know who I am, and they want to kill me. Isn't that wonderful? I would so love to give them this justice...but I don't know, for some reason I just keep them waiting," he said, increasing his flight speed as he shot his words back sarcastically. If she hung out with him for a long enough period, she, too would become loathed by the ankle-biters that called themselves wolves. More like poodles.

What a shame, she would have to lose her anonymity.

Recovering from his nearly fatal error, he tried to lick his wounds the best he could as he continued soaring on. She could laugh all she wanted, but still, he was more skilled at flying than she. And obviously...better and conquering trees.

"Oh, shut up. You're just sore cause you lost," he replied with a small smirk of his own.

As soon as she asked if he wanted to dive, he nodded his skull quickly, his orbs becoming alert in a moment's time. "I am bothered by nothing," he said, sounding more serious than he actually was. And with that, he soared deep into the forest, weaving in and out of trees as he shot flares down below him, terrifying all the creatures that loomed under the trees. Laughing he looked back to her. Oh he thought. She hasn't even caught up yet as he continued surging faster.

"Come on slow poke!" he called back to her sarcastically, laughing as he flew.

I'm Frozen. What Can I do?
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PostSubject: Re: On the Death Row [Phantom?]   On the Death Row [Phantom?] EmptyMon Feb 11 2013, 02:37

This land was, ultimately, too small for her liking. Oh, it was adequate - there was prey to hunt, beasts to kill, sport to have. However, all the infernal creatures that resided within this land all seemed to be linked to one another! What was the probability of that?

The young she-wolf had roamed this land, carefully staying out of sight and slinking around. Her ears had been pricked, senses keen enough to realise that they all knew each other. Even the lowliest, most repulsive of beasts were known, jealously coveted and sequestered away from the rest by their keepers.

And of course, that made them all topics of hot gossip.

Was there no one in this land she could happily kill without serious repercussions? Except from the new ones in this land, of course. But where was the fun in that? Oh, if the consequences were merely a challenge or two from some grief-stricken or rage-crazed lover, she would have had absolutely no qualms in doing so.

However - in this god-forsaken spiderweb-like connected territory, one death, just one death, would send shock waves around the overwhelmingly gossip-crazed community. And there would be a wolf-hunt.

Without a pack to back her up, even with Valek, she would be easy prey.

So, despite her disgust and longing, Shikei had kept to herself, not drawing any unwanted attention - yet. Not until she had the power base she needed to back up her words with action, not just talk.

Her yellow-gold eyes fixed upon the brute that flew alongside her, eyes narrowing sharply at the snide rebuttal.

"Oh, I never said that," she replied, widening her eyes faux-innocently. "No, no, no. I absolutely loathe speaking truly, if you simply must have the truth. I can hardly think of anything else worse than those light-blinded fools being... truthful. Sickeningly, disgustingly truthful. It's so sweet it makes my teeth hurt," Shikei growled, rolling her eyes.

And still, her wings kept her steadily aloft. The large appendages gliding smoothly, following and responding to the dips and currents, the updrafts and eddies that carried the duo along, allowing them to defy gravity.

The dark grey wolf scarcely blinked as the other disappeared into the clouds, trusting that he would soon return to her. To her side. As flying companions. Shikei did not yet know why that thought pleased her so immensely, and yet it did. Truly, the brute was not much like the other simpering beasts of their kind, willing to do anything for a pretty face, or for a taste of the power she carried. No, he had plenty of charm and power of his own.

No, he was looking for more than that - and this, again, pleased her.

Strange, that so many things about this strange brute could please her, when she had rarely been happy or contented about anything in her life!

His words startled her out of her contemplative thoughts, and Shikei flicked a glance at the other brute, a smirk curving her lips. Feral golden eyes gleamed with dark humour, and they were as close to sparkling with enjoyment as they could come.

"Don't worry, darling. Denial is the first step towards acceptance, I hear. Only four more steps to go!" she chimed in mock-cheerfully, baring her teeth in a grin as she easily returned the comment without missing a bit.

Oh, but what fun this was! Even if they should part ways, Shikei rather thought that she would be willing to go to all the trouble of seeking him out in the future - if only to get this bit of entertainment in her otherwise dull life.

She snorted at his next comment, giving her wings a powerful flap to lift her slightly above him. She tilted her head lazily backward, eying him thoughtfully.

"Nasty business," she said with a theatrical shudder. "The masses. Poor dears, they must be so deluded if they believe we even care what wolves like them think! Who gives a damn about them anyway," she responded with a careless shrug. After all, she was not here to make friends. And if they were not friends, she could care less about what they wanted. She - they - were strong enough to fend them off, should they come calling.

And yes, after that... incident with the big, bad tree, Shikei found herself perched upon one of its upper branches, still chuckling merrily to herself inside. The look in his face!

"Oh, please," she said, batting away his words as though they were a bothersome fly. "Lost? I believe this shows that I have more control of my course of flight than you do, Dire Wolf."

She smiled darkly at him, eyes flashing as she readied herself for the vertical plunge downward. And off they went!

Shyam, she noticed absently, was a rather showy creature. Fireballs. Honestly. Even so, they were pretty impressive. And would frighten the fur off any enemies, come to think of it.

Shikei herself preferred a more... silent approach. She let him go first, wary of being scorched by the orange flames that emerged from the brute. Loosing a long howl of exhilaration, Shikei stiffened her wings, nose pointing perfectly perpendicularly to the ground. The edges of her wings grew to be a magnificent silver, slicing off the branches in her way with an elegant ease none other would be able to imitate.

She ignored his comment, narrowing her eyes in intense focus as she swiftly overtook him.

Not this time! she smirked a little spitefully to herself. Speed races were all well and good. When it came to stunts like this, however, well... This was a whole different league altogether.

Although she was travelling so quickly, she was absolutely silent, merely a dark grey blur, blending into the darkness of the foliage as she plummeted downward with increasing velocity. Not even a whisper. It was another of her so-called powers, achieved after months upon months of drilling and practice.

The ground was coming up. Abruptly flaring her wings, Shikei landed gracefully upon the grassy knoll, releasing a triumphant howl when she looked up and saw that Shyam had yet to land. He seemed close though, too close for her liking. He was undoubtedly an excellent flier.

"Who's the slow poke now?" she taunted, flaring her wings, which had yet to lose their silver glow. Scoring the grassy ground with gold-tipped claws, Shikei's eyes glowed with enjoyment, even as her flanks heaved in exertion.
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On the Death Row [Phantom?]
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