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 Fire Lily

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PostSubject: Fire Lily   Fire Lily EmptyTue Jan 11 2011, 17:06

Name: Fire Lily, "Lily"

Age: 3 years old.

Species: Equine

Breed: Egyptian Arabian.

Gender: Mare.

Description: Fire Lily is a red chestnut mare, build like an average mare. She has a white blaze, with light red mane and tail. Her body is well-conformed and she exhibits classic arabian traits, such as the tiny, tea-cup muzzle and the long, dainty legs along with her elegant, naturally arched neck and perfectly formed ears. She is a prize and any stallion can see that.

Height: 15 hh

History: Her mother sadly passed due to a forceful brute that came in to their lives two months after Lily's birth. The brute took her as his own and when she came of age, he began forcing her to bear his offspring. She has bore 3 foals in her young age and she has learned to trust none. Her heart is cold, broken, and empty. Never again did she see her foals after they were weaned. The stallion took great advantage of her, he was very powerful, and he seemed to have many other mares he was using the same way. No matter where she would try to flee to, he would find her. But she escaped, or he let her go, either way, and now here she is, shattered and bitter.

Personality: Fire Lily is cold and mistrusting. Her heart is empty and her mind is bitter. She is only three years old but yet she feels as if she has seen it all. No one gets close to her, or she attempts to slash their throats. Now, she is shattered and full of hatred. She would be a good addition to any herd, if they can get past her rough personality, or accept it. Lily is cunning and quick to make decisions in a time of need. She tries her best to keep a cool head in hot situations but sometimes the rage gets the best of her and she...explodes.Dominant, and generally aggressive, Lily no longer takes orders, but wishes to give them.

Image (optional):
Fire Lily 72082793nOiqIi_ph

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Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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Fire Lily
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