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 Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire"

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Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire" Empty
PostSubject: Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire"   Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire" EmptyMon Jan 24 2011, 15:56

Name: Skapad Av Eld, "Shayde"

Age: Ageless.

Species: Wolf.

Breed: Wolf of Fire?

Gender: Male.

Description: Shayde is a wolf...well, you could call him that. He is pure evil, and the fire that burns over his entire body is complete proof of that. Beneath that flaming exterior is...nothing. A heartless, soulless, wolf that has given himself over to the uses of evil. He is pure strength, power, and evil.

Height: Large.

History: When Shayde was young, he was raised in a fighting pack. They defended territories from outsiders for kings, royalty. The life of defending did not feel right for him. He went searching for something better. At the age of five years, he was approached by a dark figure. There were no special markings to it, just a dark, shadow-like figure. It offered him a way out of normalcy. Shayde graciously accepted. He did not know, however, that he would be frozen in time at his current age, never to grow older and die. His body burst in to flames, though they did not burn him, and the shadow-figure left him. A rage began to burn in him, a craving for nothing but chaos and destruction. He watched as all the ones he had once loved passed away and he remained, alive and burning. He cannot die, believe me, he has tried to kill himself many times and many have tried to kill him. He is not going any where until his duty is done. Though what his duty is, he does not know.

Personality: Created by fire describes him perfectly. He is unpredictable, like fire, and he stops at nothing to destroy everything around him that he wants. He will kill anyone, and he has the power to do so. No emotions have crossed him since he was mortal.

Image (optional):
Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire" Fire_wolf_by_wolfbecks

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Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire"   Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire" EmptyTue Jan 25 2011, 15:08

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Skapad Av Eld - "Created by Fire"
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