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 Beautiful Lily

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PostSubject: Beautiful Lily   Beautiful Lily EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 17:18

Name: Lilus, Lil, Lily

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: American Indian Horse

Gender: Mare

Description: Lilus is a beautiful light gray mare with dapples all over her body. Her eyes are dark brown, and her mane and tail are white. Lilus only has three legs, but she gets along great. Lil can move with the speed of an average horse. From having only three legs, her who body is quite strong. She also has heightened senses from only ave three legs. It has been both detrimental and beneficial to her.

Height: 15hh

History: Lilus came from a breeding farm where the horses ran free on the range. They would sell the new foals each year to slaughter and keep the worthy ones. Lilus was one that was not deemed worthy by her owners, so she was shipped off. Lil would not obey the workers of the slaughterhouse, so they beat her. One day, she fell down and her leg got infected badly. It could not be used as meat because of the infection, so she was sent to a vet to euthanize. Lilus found an owner, for the vet loved her and decided to keep her. Lil decided she could not stand humans though, even if the vet would take care of her and never ride her. She let herself out of the gate one night and went as far away as she could. Sometimes, she wishes she had taken the easy road in life, but she did not.

Personality: Lilus thinks a lot and will make decisions based mostly on how she feels rather than insight. She has her regrets and joys in life, like any other. Lil is intelligent and can solve any problem that she is given, whether it be finding food or craftily escaping a human made gate. Most of the time, Lilus is rather nice and likes to speak with stallions in particular. She's always believed in love at first sight and true love. What she knows the most is that it hasn't come yet. Not many stallions wanted a mare with only three legs. If she were to have any foals, she would love them with her life and protect them over anything. Lilus doesn't care where she lives but who she lives with. She likes to ask complicated questions and be very specific in stating what she likes and does not like.

Image (optional): Beautiful Lily Dinah__We_Walker_on_Three_by_twilightsira

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Please post in Taken Names with link.


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Beautiful Lily
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