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 The Arctic Wolf

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PostSubject: The Arctic Wolf   The Arctic Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 01:43

Name: Arctic

Species: Wolf only

Colours: White, often with a slight hint of grey along the outer legs and flanks. Black and white, with white circles surrounding the eyes, a white muzzle, underbelly, black flanks and back. Tan and white, same pattern as black and white.

Height: To shoulder 25-31 in.

Basic History: Thanks to the fact that they, unlike most other creatures, can survive and thrive in arctic conditions, they've been able to, for the most part, avoid humans. However, they were often hunted for their warm and beautiful fur, as well as their meat. The wolves were worshiped as spirits by the Indians and were honored as well as feared. They were hunted only scarcely by the Indians, and when one was killed, they were properly honored.

Habitat:Very cold environments, mountains, tundra, and places of the like. They're ill-suited for the desert and coast.

Quick Facts: Arctic wolves travel in small packs of two to twenty, in small family groups. Once the male pups are a year old, they go it alone to find their own land and pack. Their usual litter size is one to two pups, though they've been known to have up to twelve in mild winter years.

Link to more info:

Picture: The Arctic Wolf Arctic_wolf1
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The Arctic Wolf
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