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New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 You Know What I Seek ((Phantom))

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You Know What I Seek ((Phantom)) Empty
PostSubject: You Know What I Seek ((Phantom))   You Know What I Seek ((Phantom)) EmptySun Feb 10 2013, 17:35

Pale and beautiful, the white hellion stood on one of the soft sand dunes of their homeland. She had always been happy here with her stallion. Zandere. He had accepted her for what she was, a mare cursed to be a hellion when she did not want to be. Together they had travelled her and now she was his queen.

Another had joined them of course, and there was no problems with that, though she knew Harmony was not pleased that she had not been named as Zandere’s queen. Never though would Charasma taunt her about being chosen over her, that was not something she could do.

Maybe a true hellion would have rubbed it in, but not she. To do so would make everything she had made herself to be fall apart. Only someone cruel would rub such a thing into another mare and she would never be so.

Now she stood upon one of the dunes, waiting for her beloved Zandere to come to her. She knew what she wanted, and she knew he would be able to smell it. This time though she would ask him for the one thing that she wanted more than any other.

Filled with excitement was she as she thought about the potential of the foal that she would soon hopefully have growing inside it. To be able to raise it to not be mean like the others of her kind would certainly be a blessing indeed. She would be proud of it no matter what.

She knew there was a chance the foal might not take over from Zandere when they died, but that was something she was unbothered by. What did it really matter who led the herd? Sure this one would be a leader from its parents but that meant nothing as to who deserved that position when the time came!
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You Know What I Seek ((Phantom))
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