New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Drinker of Blood

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Name: Ganymede

Age: 527

Species: Horse

Breed: Vampire Knapstrup

Gender: Stallion

Description: Ganymede is white with black spots all over. He has four cream hooves, and his mane and tail are black. Ganymede's eyes are crimson, since he is a vampire that feeds on other horses. They often change hues from dark crimson to blood red in times though. In the summer, her coat lightens so much so that you can hardly see his spots.

Height: 18hh

History: I have had a terrible life, in my own opinion. They, my parents, were two filthy horses of normalcy. We lived in the coldest tundra since I was just a colt. They were too stupid to breed in the right time, so I was born in the dead cold of winter. I nearly died. If it was not for a hellion fae that took me as her own, I would have. There was another price to pay, though, for residing with her. I learned her ways and the suppressed secrets that she had. We were a heard of superiors, except for that filthy slave and that filthy, filthy spy that forced her. I hated being like them, I hated it so much. I tried to obtain flames in any means possible, that it drove me nearly to insanity. I still have an interest in the flaming ones, although, now my quest is to end them all. One day, I saw this beautiful half hellion vampire fae. I had to meet her, to see her. I was drawn her her unique coat and beautiful crimson eyes. Once I got close enough, she bit me! While she was draining me slowly of life, she told me that my blood was just too good to resist. I hated her for that. The pain was excruciating, and I wished for death during my changing. When I came out of it, I noticed that there was a burning sensation in my throat. I longed for blood. I found that ones with flames smelled even better than the ones without them, at least to me. That began my feeding habits. When I came to the lands of stupidity, I knew I would have to fit in. They all described me as a jackass, and I had to agree with them. They were the stupid ones, though, especially that one called Ashwin. I took his queen from him. Ha! He's so pathetic now that he's all skin and bones without her. I think she might be changing me, though. Am I falling in love with her? The others I claimed were Dreamfinder and Wild Huntress. They seem to like me a little better than that heart breaker, Blizzard.

Personality: Ganymede is sarcastic to many and cold. He doesn't care about killing you if you don't listen. He is rude sometimes and will force mares. Little does he know, there is compassion in his heart. Ganymede doesn't realize that he is sympathetic to those that he knows or has heard the story of. If he falls in love, it is forever. They are bonded by blood and by spirit. Ganymede does NOT fight on the side of evil; he believes if he can help the greater good, he can help himself. The only thing that will help him recover from his messed up past is love though.

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Drinker of Blood
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