New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Blood Drenched Hooves

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Thowra was born to be the heir to the throne of the wild horses. He was very loved by his mother and father, Bel Bel and Yarraman respectively, and both were very protective of him whilst ehw as a gangly foal. Whenever men came, Yarraman found places for Bel Bel and Thowra to hide so that he would not be caught. He then went to lead the rest of the horses out of danger himself, as the king must do.
When Thowra grew to over a year old, Yarraman took him with him when there were times of trouble, so that Thowra could learn the things he had to. Yarraman taught him to recognise danger from a distance, while Bel Bel taught him all the knowledge she had of the bush and its ways.
Several times while Thowra was growing up, Yarraman was attacked by a young hellion stallion known as The Brolga. It is just after Thowra gets to the age of 2 that The Brolga beats Yarraman. No one knows what Yarraman was told before The Brolga made his final blow, but all assumed it was a killing one.
As the undisputed leader of the group of colts that were his half brothers, Thowra led them away to a safe area on the other side of the river to graze. There they played many games, but Thowra soon knew that he had another enemy, the Yarraman look alike chestnut colt, Arrow. Arrow just would not leave him alone and often tried to claim the leadership of the group from Thowra.
When they were old enough though to make their own herds, the group of five colts split their different ways. Thowra and his closest brother, the bay colt Storm, moved towards The Brolga’s lands, in the hopes of winning themselves fillies. Thowra managed to lure away six fillies, three greys which he kept, plus two bays and a brown who joined Storm.
Thowra and Storm stay brothers their whole lives. It is not long before Thowra claims a mare fromt he men, the cream filly called Golden and she joins him. Several years pass and then The Brolga makes the mistake of trying to steal Golden from Thowra. Thowra who has attained his full strength gets back in time to intercept The Brolga as he tried to get to Golden.
They fight and it is Thowra who wins! The Brolga is exiled back to his own country, and is not to leave there unless going to the outer lands!
Boon Boon, a grey daughter of The Brolga has already provided Thowra with two foals, Kunama [a filly] and Lightning [a colt], both who are cream.
Because of his rage at being dethroned after only three years of being king, The Brolga sends his son, Steel, a younger horse than Thowra to defeat Thowra. Thowra is banished the the Valley but his mares are forced to remain in the lands that they call home.
One day Thowra will find his way back to them, and kill The Brolga.
Though most believe him dead, he appears in the middle of the night several times to tell Boon Boon that he is alive though not with words.

- Canon Characters need to be picked by people
- New site with potential from the plot
- You don't have to follow the plot, you can make your own.

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Blood Drenched Hooves
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