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 Black Fire, Hades' Horn

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Black Fire, Hades' Horn Empty
PostSubject: Black Fire, Hades' Horn   Black Fire, Hades' Horn EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 18:01

Username: otho

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Name: Black Fire, Hades' Horn

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Hell Horse

Gender: Mare

Description: Black Fire's coat is yellow/orange, her tail and mane are brown, dark brown, soft and beautiful. Her eyes are as yellow as the sun, two shining orbs.

Height: 18.8 hh

History: Black Fire, given the title Hades' Horn when she joined a herd of hellion warriors at the age of three, was injured during a battle and, half-ways insane, drifted to the land of freedom. There she healed, and met Zues. She returned with him to his land in Ciera, and gave him his only son. Then though, he left, disappearing in the night.

She and Kyra, the bereft queen - who lost both her king, and her only daughter, Kay - guarded the land till Kyra left. Then, even Kyra left, finding a new home, moving on. Black Fire however, remained, till Kiambu claimed the land for his own. Gladdened to see a worthy king, she joined his herd, and bore his first son, Ocean Sun.

Personality: She's all fire, beautiful and terrible, she has a certain bloodlust which is both wonderful and horrifying to see. However, when she has her self control, she is a wonderful companion and a fierce lover.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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Black Fire, Hades' Horn
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