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 Zandere, of Fire

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PostSubject: Zandere, of Fire   Zandere, of Fire EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 17:06

Name: Zandere

Age: 3 1/2

Species: Horse

Breed: Purebred Hellion

Gender: Stallion

Description: Zandere is a very dark hued chestnut or a blood bay with orange flames upon his hide. They are easily controlled, though, but he does look a bit intimidating with his massive form. Zandere has amber eyes, flecked with golden hues. Zandere is extremely strong and sometimes doesn't recognize his own strength in battle. He's not as fast as some hellions, but he is definitely strong when he's facing someone he doesn't like.

Height: 20hh

History: Zandere came from the Gemdas, where he was born and raised by his mother, Mabaya. As a colt, he learned of his heritage and how to fight blood lust. As a yearling, he fell for a filly named Melodia. She did not return the feeling though, and she decided she loved Hemlock, one of Zandere's friends. While this was happening, the king of their land was dying certainty. It killed Zandere from the inside to watch the stag suffer so. Amani came and attacked Zandere's mother once too, almost killing her. After a while in his beautiful home, it was invaded by Exile and his herd. Zandere and his family lived in the back of the mountains, hiding until they left or died. Finally, freedom came. It happened to be, though, that the dark chestnut stag fell in love with one of the mares that had been in Exile's herd. They moved to Sea of Sands, where they happily sub-herd. He hasn't chosen his queen yet, for he wants three mares before he decides.

Personality: Zandere is not like most hellions - he is kind and loyal to all. He does have blood lust sometimes, but he works very hard to control it at all times. Most of the time, it doesn't take hold of him. Zandere gets along with everyone generally except for evil stags. To those, he will fight and kill them. He doesn't want anyone hurting his herd. Zandere seeks allies with the kind horses of all lands to connect and be friends with them.

Image (optional): Zandere, of Fire My_blood_boils_without_fire___by_irunbarrels
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PostSubject: Re: Zandere, of Fire   Zandere, of Fire EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:36


Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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Zandere, of Fire
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