New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 My King, My Love(Epona)

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My King, My Love(Epona) Empty
PostSubject: My King, My Love(Epona)   My King, My Love(Epona) EmptyThu Feb 16 2012, 17:14

How the stars shone so brightly in the misty night, fog crowding around the pale moon. Night, so dark with her beauties, was upon them, the rolling waves reflecting her beauty as she shone overhead. Perfection walked endlessly upon the bridge between the too worlds, too ethereal for mortals to tread even so lightly upon. Deepest emerald and sapphire shone in the skies overhead, illuminating their beach, soft with moonlight.

Icy blue orbs peered out from a glimmering cave, magnificent pelt glinting in the pale moonlight as her celestial marks glowed. Stars upon her obsidian pelt, as soft as feathers laid upon the earth glowing with a beauty so rich that one would think it was the stars, themselves. A true star was not defined by her utter perfection but by how she saw the world. Most could not see one as they were, for good or worse, but those that looked from above could see all - from the very tassels that hung from their boas to the hidden scars 'neath their pelts from years of warrior-ship.

Ruffled, curly tresses flowed from her pores and lightly drifted the ground. Speaking of drifting, things had been drifting in and out of her mind all day - messages from the gods running rapidly throughout her mind. Their urgency irked her, and one of the down-sides of being infinitely intelligent was getting feedback from the ones who dwelled above her, but the benefits still out-weighed the cons by a long shot. They had told her to speak to her to speak to her love about the thought that had most flowed through her mind in recent days. Of was spring, and spring was the time of love, when all birds were singing and all the joys of the world were made.

"Walker, my love!" she called, darkness surrounding her glowing ebony form. Surely, she wouldn't be too difficult to find, she thought to herself as she pondered the moments before she would see his lovely features. Even after all their time together, her heart pounded a bit more quickly and excitement stirred in her soul as he would approach to speak with her.

Andromeda, the wondrous goddess had finally found love, and the gods would often say that she had finally found her place on earth. It was true, for although she loved watching life's role from the heavens, it was quite excellent to be among the creatures of the earth, especially with her soul mate, Walker. If only he would come to see her so that she could ask him for life's most beautiful gift and speak to him of things to come before and after the war.
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My King, My Love(Epona)
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