New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 The Indian Wolf

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PostSubject: The Indian Wolf   Thu Jan 06 2011, 16:02

Name: Indian

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Grey streaks throughout their fur, with white, black and occasionally red as well. More random a pattern than most.

Height: 24 to 38 inches shoulder height.

Basic History: Originally they were thought to be the same as an Iranian wolf. However, eventually it was found that this was not true. Unlike most wolves, these lucky fellows have never been extensively hunted by humans. They lived a bit away from man anyway, and are usually ignored. Not at all presuming, small and practically invisible makes them seem like less of a threat, and they were able to thrive in peace. However, the same could not be said for their food sources, and eventually they were forced to hunt livestock, bringing them closer to people, and unattended children, who they see as being fair game. Since they started hunting in populated areas, they, in turn were hunted, and many were killed off.

Habitat:Scrub land, prairies, more temperate deserts, and some warm valleys.

Quick Facts: They give birth to fairly large litters, aroun 4-10 pups, though some have given birth to as many as 14.

Link to more info: None

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The Indian Wolf
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