New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Land Claim ~Gaineamh~

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Land Claim ~Gaineamh~ Empty
PostSubject: Land Claim ~Gaineamh~   Land Claim ~Gaineamh~ EmptyFri Jun 24 2011, 19:34

The three brothers stood side by side. One dappled, one white and one patched standing under the glossy sunlight. It was Castien who would lead them, his dappled mass standing slightly before his two Irish kin.
"This will be our land," he told them, eyeing it with approval and a gentle eye "a place where we can live in peace, and offer refuge to those in need."
The other two stallions nodded there agreement, all of the kindred souls.
"Gaineamh," he dubbed the great land of sands.

Name: Gaineamh
Description: Hmm make something up?

King: Castien
Queen: Cygnus - Claming

Betta King: Brogan - Stallion
Betta Queen:

Sub-Herder: Duilleoga
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Land Claim ~Gaineamh~
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