New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Dominio [CLAIM]

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Dominio [CLAIM] 120pfds

The thundering gallop of hooves, muffled slightly by the thick, luscious grass beneath, rang out within the wide, silent lands. They were quick, confident - the steps of one who did not need to mask his presence. The steps of one who ruled. And knew it.

The hot noon sun beat down upon the palomino dun stallion's back, as the newly crowned king raced across the green, forested land, his mane whipping wildly in the wind created by his own speed. Muscles flexing and contracting smoothly, his pillars powered him forward relentlessly, even as his amber-gold eyes took in his surroundings with interest.

After all, he would need to familiarise himself with his home, did he not?

Finally, after years of wandering and searching, he had finally found somewhere he could call home. This strange, secluded little forest tucked away at the heart of the land. His hooves splashed through the pure, crystalline water of the lakes, heaving chest filling his lungs full of the fresh air, even as the stallion snorted in satisfaction, a strange little smile hovering about the edge of his maw.

Oh, he could just picture it now! His harem of pretty little mares - all excruciatingly exquisite creatures that all others would envy. Little foals weaving in and out, playing catch of hide-and-seek. All his. Everything in this land would be his.

All that was left was the woo his harem here.

A rakish grin covered his face. Oh, how he would enjoy this.

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Dominio [CLAIM]
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