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 What were you thinking [phantom]

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What were you thinking [phantom] Empty
PostSubject: What were you thinking [phantom]   What were you thinking [phantom] EmptyTue Mar 29 2011, 17:51

What is truth,
if you choose to ignore it?
What are lies,
if you choose to hear them?

He was not pleased with Thyone. Everyone above him in Heaven was not pleased by the things which had happened of late concerning the one of the unicorn council who controlled the wind. There was a specific matter though which he came to talk to him about now though.

The great black unicorn/angel horse moved quickly, knowing what he was there to talk about. At the moment, Thyone would not be able to pass through the gates, they were barred to him by Uriel. He had to learn that what he had done was something worse than the many other times a mare was stolen by someone else.

For the reason behind the sneak was what had caused Thyone to do something as heinous as what he had. Now, Michael had to explain to him what was wrong about what he'd done, and that what he had done had at the moment bared him from Heaven upon the time of his death. Unless he righted the wrong he'd done, he would be forever barred.

He moved out into the open, easily finding Thyone. It was something he was good at, tracking down those who needed to be taught that there was an error in their ways. Michael knew that Thyone had only wanted to help the fae he'd stolen, but he had done it in the wrong way. The one left alone from his actions was being driven towards a state he never wanted to revisit. All over Thyone's stealing.

This time, his ebony wings were revealed as he moved through the trees, for this was a serious issue about to be dealt with. They were spread open as he stopped before Thyone.

“Thyone, I come to speak with you over something you have done.”
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What were you thinking [phantom]
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