New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom)

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Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom)   Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) EmptyWed Mar 09 2011, 13:02

This was not the time for smiling, nor the time for play. Roaring Rivers, king of Eternal Paradise, thundered in to the lands. A new stallion, a new face to this kingdom, had stolen his love, and he had known it was going to happen. The ancestors had told him so. So why hadn't he defended her? Because they had told him not to. But now they were telling him to go, go find her, go win her back. And that he would do.

Rivers was larger than this fool, by a good three hands. Though they shared the same facial markings, and nearly the same color, he would hold no mercy on this idiot. Rivers was normally very calm and controlled, but stealing the only thing he had to love in the world was bound to push him over the limits.

Perhaps Fantasma would like to know about this thieving idiot that he had allowed to live in his lands. Chocolate was his only mare, and he loved her. Why did other stallions always feel the need to steal the ones that others love? The thick gypsy vanner cross snorted with anger, seeming to blow steam out of his nsotrils as he did not.

"Staramboli! Return her to me, or I will crush you!" He screamed in to the air, rearing and bringing his hooves down with a crash nearly like thunder. His nostrils flared, waiting to scent either of the two he was searching for. If only Chocolate would come, then they could just sneak away together.

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Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom)   Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) EmptyMon Mar 14 2011, 18:57

Silvery sky orbs darted around anxiously as rumbling within the earth's core awoken him, harks perked. Alert. Something was terribly wrong in this wondrous land of immense beauty, the misty rolling hills whirled around his features with meaning. They spelled disaster in their soft tones, calling him to the burden of all lands and the hurt of all stags, love. With a snort, the ebony shining pillars moved swiftly, leaving the paradise that he had come to call his kingdom behind him.

There was no time to think of alternatives, for the rancid stench of another stag was already filling his territory, the fields fiercely biting back in rage. A neutral expression the king wore upon his experienced features, though, for he knew of many misunderstandings that turned out worse than they should have. Wings tucked at his sides, he regally stepped forward, relishing in the light of his throne. Beneath his slim figure, brushes crumpled but not in a menacing way. No, the king was not like his son, the evil Frenzy. They were two of a different kind, two of a different breed. Shame rested in his heart instead of pride when he thought about his son, his dear son.

Fantasma wore no smile as he galloped faster yet, harks pinned to his skull sharply. Though the stag here seemed not to be a threat, his chest still tightened all the same. This was a recipe for disaster, and there was no way to stop someone from descending his lands and commanding his control. Whoever they were, they had better think twice about fighting the naturally talented Fantasma. Although a kind ruler he was, no one wanted him as an enemy.

To the jet ebony stag's surprise, the one awaiting him was someone he had only heard tales of from his allies. Still, his appearance was sketchy, especially for someone who intruded upon his lands, screaming. "Greetings," said Fantasma reluctantly. "I am Fantasma, king of this fine land. Who are you....and why have you come?" asked the stag, not in a violent way. Curiosity lit up his vocals as he spoke, orbs gleaming with intelligence. "There is indeed a stag here named Staramboli....but he has no mares. I am to meet all faes that come to this land, and I have seen none," Fantasma said, his tone cool and collected.

"Help!!" screamed a shrill voice, echoing off the rocks within a cave where the heartless bastard had been keeping her. It was definitely Chocolate. Rearing up, she knocked her skull hard on the top of the rocks, nearly knocking herself out with the blunt force of the blow. Blood trickled down her neck in a steady stream as her vision blurred. Sweat caked her sides, which were heaving with ferocity. "Please..." she whimpered, small shining orbs look around the cave erratically.

There was nothing. Nothing but the darkness surrounded her petite chocolate form, which swayed, delusions creeping up in her mind. Kicking out, her gray daggers struck rock, sending a rattling up her spine as she looked up. Chocolate couldn't see the mouth of the cave, couldn't even see him now. What would he do? Force her? Kill her? What did he want?! There was no release from this bitter darkness, the sand caressing her cornets as she moved blindly through the cave. What was left for her? Fear led her to grind her ivories in the lone darkness, as it descended upon her even more so that she couldn't even hear her love's voice as he called to her.

OOC: He can force her, E.
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PostSubject: Re: Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom)   Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) EmptyMon Mar 14 2011, 23:28

OOC: I gave her up so not needed, this thread
but yeah i think i will force her..

He chuckled as he came up behind her. "Why so frightened, Chocolate?" He chuckled. "I only brought you here for one reason." Rearing, he did what he wanted. "Go home if you want, but I will come to meet my foal!" laughing, he left her, heading out of the lands to seek mares of his own.
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Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom)   Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom) Empty

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Return Her To Me (Ero, Phantom)
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