New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 March Updates

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PostSubject: March Updates   March Updates EmptyFri Mar 04 2011, 19:38

Hey all,

Happy March XD. Really...I just felt like saying that. I know I haven't been on much, due to computer and personal reasons, but really there isn't much I can do about it. I'm trying to get on as much as I can...but sadly there is more to life then RPing with you awesome people XD.

Bits of news...well March's Polls are up and waiting. The winners from Feb are as follows:

Character of the Month:

Frenzy (Phantom)

Rper of the Month:

Epona, Phantom and Kanchana (each with one vote XD)

Couple of the Month:

Modet and Snow Dawn (Phantom and Otho)

Well done to the above people XD and make sure you get voting!!

Also, I am still 'away' as such so please no stealing XD Either PM me (I will get an email) or ask Erosaf.


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PostSubject: Re: March Updates   March Updates EmptyFri Mar 11 2011, 19:31

Interesting... Modet and Snow Dawn are couple of the month? Well, that's just plain peachy! XD
Also, congrats, one and all, to Epona, Phantom and Kanny. Once more, you three have been complimented (well deserved compliments, at that) with being the RPers of the month.
And another congrats is due to Phantom with Frenzy. Brilliant character, in my opinion Phantom! he deserves that spot, and it's well earned and past earned!
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March Updates
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