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 Erosaf's 2012 Tracker ((updated March))

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Erosaf's 2012 Tracker  ((updated March)) Empty
PostSubject: Erosaf's 2012 Tracker ((updated March))   Erosaf's 2012 Tracker  ((updated March)) EmptyWed Jan 25 2012, 23:39

Your User Name: Erosaf

Number of Characters:
19 stallions
8 mares
3 brutes
10 she wolves
TOTAL Horses: 27
TOTAL wolves - 13

Male Horse/Stallion: List all male horse characters here using the following information and order. Name, amount in herd, land name, alliances with (just say who), sub-herd with. After this, feel free to add other notes.

Thowra, 4?, Snowy River Forest, many, KING Juliana ((queen))
Black Beauty
Saberdoria - unknown -
Spyro, Thunder Meadow - KING - Tambourine ((queen))
Kula, Thunder Meadows. gamma, Nyx ((queen)).
Staramboli, Aonar Ciúnas, sub herder, Hemera ((queen))
Levade - Faoi Thionchar - sub herder -

Female Horse/Mare: List all female horse characters here using the following information and order. Name, herd, herd status (queen, beta or herd mare) stallion. Feel free to include anything else

Moréthîrya - Misty Mountains - QUEEN - ((unclaimed))
Nadeje - Hoole Auf Erde - Herd Mare - Venom
Belofte - Land of Abdushallah - Marcán, QUEEN
Chai Suil - ((Unclaimed))
Chisel - Zandere - Seas of Sands - unknown
Freihiet - ((unclaimed)) - unknown - unknown
Erosaf - Amani - gamma queen - Snowy River Forest
Elena - Stefan - Valeska - QUEEN

Male Wolf/Brute: List all male wolf characters here using the following information and order. Name, mate, lives, rank in pack (leader, betta) others in pack.. After this, feel free to add other notes.

Rudi - Charmed Heaven - subherder -
Spirit Claw - Rani - Haus der Eis-Pferde
Soul Render

Female Wolf/She-Wolf: List all female wolf characters here using the following information and order. Name, mate, lives, rank in pack (leader, betta), others in pack. Feel free to include anything else

Strike Goldstar - Haus des Eis-Geistes - Aitri
Saffier - Invya
Gem - Grünen Meer - alpha female - Agorae ((mate))
Le Soleil - ((no mate)) Seas of Sand
Lune - ((no mate)) Seas of Sand
Aero - Charmed Heaven - betta female - Naolin
Anata - Charmed Heaven - alpha female - Aatu
Cera - Charmed Heaven - Edon
Trigiadea - Gainhiem - Alpha female of all wolves - Luikawa
Sarabi - Draugwë - Vernien En Seere - betta wolf, soon to be alpha

Children: Place all children here using the following form. Name, Dam, Sire.
Lanoen - Sundara - Bel Bel
Storm - Yarraman - Mirri
Belofte - Flaming Blade of Hell - Snow Angel
Ashgrove Copper - Ashton - Cirrus Cinnamon
Thyrax - Thryza - Permisso
Schnelldrache - Shetani - Blatt der Flammen
Bella - Sundara - Bel Bel
Sundawn - Sundara - Bel Bel
Stardust - Cadifor - Starlight Moon
Chai Suil - Exile - Chisel
Charasma - unknown - Chisel
Fidelia - Fantasma - Frier Geist
Klughiet - Therthis - Volo
Saberdoria - Pheonix - Sundawn
Moréthîrya - Dragon Wing - Moonslight
Spyro - Amani - Erosaf
Freihiet - Flaming Blade of Hell - Moonslight
Thowra - Yarraman - Bel Bel

Saffier - Soul Render - Laila
Lands: What lands do you own? Following form: Land Name, King, Queen.
Thunder Meadows: Spyro/Tamborine
Snowy River Forest: Thowra/Juliana
Misty Mountains: Morethirya
Charmed Heaven: Wildfire/Gloria

Extra: Anything Else?
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Erosaf's 2012 Tracker ((updated March))
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